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sábado, 22 de enero de 2011




Our greatest living narcocracia drama, as a work contained in the large Greek theater. It's a tragedy all could scream. "Tragedy? All the dreamers and those who are captivated by the threads that runs the large theater and who are led like little puppets that we are in an illusion of a republic to live in a supposed democracy. The tragedy becomes more dramatic with the left and right entering the moles of crime, such as lobbyists and the big drug cartels who have hijacked our country and are at their mercy.

Tell them that we are in the best of both worlds with figures of development or as the great puppeteer respond to his words through the wires that will drive us to respond with their words. But who helps justify. O as well as being the support of this great drama is the Nobel Prize questioned.

Or who knows, is one of the great writers of the same work. For the advocates, says it has flaws, but it is the best society we can expect. Not understood. Democracy might be called a society governed by the biggest corruption, many of whom have the audacity to present himself as Albee and pure. In this great work of theater who handles all the threads is the great puppeteer Alan García. No one else can handle these things is a great student of another artist of the same show, as it was Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre.

Both are great strategists to solve the political problems that exist, and given our nation. But there is a vast difference between the two, one died in poverty, only with the satisfaction of being able to handle the nation at will, despite appearances and the other will die in disproportionate wealth, I use the teachings of his master rich.

Your last act we are seeing in these pre-election time 2011. A great act of one who knows how to move the strings of the puppets. Put to a former finance minister as a candidate by his group, with the sole purpose of generating conflict to those who until then were his squires, but had actually been fools macouts their economic moves, or what other earnings call corruption, reveals himself in the interview with journalist Jaime Bayly to mention "that the money comes alone."

This lady has only been the Trojan horse to be stepping up its true intentions. You know very well that his party, almost all to be involved in a series of corruption events are going to be impossible to defend him from the countless processes that will follow in the next Congress, although there are their people of Fujimori and National Solidarity as a natural alliance coludirán because Alan Garcia has shown over and over again as has been advocated for their crimes will be judged.

Thus far has sought to justify the mess they have been involved top leaders being in a congressional list. Them to seek protection against the corruption trials that he will come, anyway wanted to stay in and have tried every means to discredit their opponents or the current of renewal, as is the case of the city of Trujillo that most voters have brought out APRA his animosity by Luis Alva Castro and Elias Rodriguez, one by the constant demonstrations that makes acts of corruption and the second because of its proximity to major drug cartels. The second show that will never come out of poverty through their own initiative and work, all known Trujillo, so in this city's recent economic boom is very questionable.

The same applies to his mentor, but is very different, as they have allies in the bloc to be formed of Keiko Fujimori and the National Solidarity are partners in corruption.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II

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