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miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013

New Cajamaca resistance activities Monday, 15 July 2013 17:12 | Written by Chumpi Jempets

Hello. After the reading of the names other words at summer solstice for Peruvian "Conga Mine" victims I have continued to follow grandfather activist Hugo Blanco's news about effective coalition action to slow mine activity - progress and also attempts by Peru gov and mine management to manipulate international and national opinion about safety, good corporate conduct. (US company Newmont). So Eng transl below for Hugo's most recent news. Our friends at Mining Watch, Kairos, Alternatives, RQGE, etc can't always follow US corporations in South America but if we stay in touch with one another as North Amer Two Row Wampum Treaty obliges us to do (recognized by Chretien fed. gov in 1994) - we can help many - ourselves too. I have been following anti nuclear protest at Tricastin plant- France also in FR papers.
In Peace and Friendship, Stone 

New Cajamaca resistance activities

Monday, 15 July 2013 17:12 | Written by Chumpi Jempets

CUL Agreements and conclusions

Fight Command Unit (CUL) Cajamarca Region was conducted in order to take stock of the activities undertaken between the months of May to July with the participation of the leading voices of their bases; Milton Sanchez Cubas, Edy Leon Benavides Ruiz, Idelso Hernandez and other members as I call Mr. Victor Acosta Defense Front of San Marcos, who socialized acuerdosLos the following events, days of action and the proceedings that took place during the month of May, June and July, the infeasibility of conga, have served to commoners and Celendín ronderos, Hualgayoc-Bamabamarca, Cajamarca regional Celendín and feel strengthened and united, understanding that the struggle is for all the people of Cajamarca and the Peruvian people and see is the symbol of the defense of life water, environment and customary rights of peoples ronderiles community and the region and the country.

In front of the lies the central government, Yanacocha and Newmont have lied to Peru and the world that the mega mining project Conga is paralyzed, over the provocations of every week that ministers take to the media to say that defend the economic model that conga longer exists in the national agenda that will conga in every way, because it guarantees development for the region and the country, if not the Peru conga dies, Yanacocha has to recover confidence of the people and for the state to support, saying that already completed construction of the reservoir and Chaullagon already open, and then start building the reservoir the Perot and now say that was built in the 2014, compared to all these lies, was ratified unit firmly and continue the resistance, and simultaneously strengthen even more so ronderos shifts guardians of the lagoons, with much more vigilance, until definitively abandon yanacocha ancestral territories.

We reject aggression and repression suffered ronderso brothers and LA PIC on July 5 in the District of Cortegana, for the public hearing scheduled Odebrecht Company, to discuss and approve the mega Chadin II, which only made his audience with outsiders, not being considered ronderiles authorities, which do not consider it valid audience for not consulted or given consent, confirming that the company is viable hydropower and to withdraw from the area.

It unmasks, stop and punish them ronderil chain operators yanacocha government and they have unleashed a campaign of defamation against ronderos leaders and environmentalists, which we have sold and that the dam or reservoir that has been built Chailhuagón , which is totally false, when this building was fully imposed State of Emergency, pointing rifles heads of the leaders, but today his trench built to stop water of Lake Chailhuagón, do ask to pass managed by Agrarian Agency Regional Government and serve for life for farming and is not touched for mining or destroyed in the future.

Was ratified, that will not allow the construction of the dam the PEROL, and the destruction of the lagoon the PEROL and gaps in other areas of the territories and communal ronderos Celendín Cajamarca Hualgayoc-Bamabamarca and within it the Quilish as gaps in the other provinces, all costs will defend itself if possible with their own lives.

Tours will be promoted local, national and international to Conga gaps where their safety is ensured by the authorities of the peasant patrols, this in order to promote tourism and meet the existing wonder conga lagoon, the same who are in danger of being destroyed by Yanacocha and NEWMONT.

To the guardians of the lakes patrolmen will be recognized as the most courageous and worthy men who deserve the recognition and respect of all Peruvians and the world, being the defenders of planet earth's fresh water and the environment.

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