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domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

THE neoliberal dogmatism. (I)

THE neoliberal dogmatism. (I)

The dogmatism is based on a tautology. Each statement is self-sustaining. This can be seen in the theology that is the basis of religious dogmatism, whose verification only and is correct only in the sense of the individual soul, to hold a vacuum of scientific knowledge which suffers. Since he human being feels the need to sustain their existential vacuum, so we can confirm that religion is a human cultural creation. Therefore confirmation only feeling that makes the human being to hold their religious beliefs, which is called Faith But this feeling, known as faith, fills the existential void of human beings, in other words resolves a cultural necessity; so far we can say that it has resolved an issue which keeps it firmly dogmatic thinking of religion.If we go to the ideological field: bourgeois thought, holding economic and political thought of the bourgeoisie in its imperial phase, known as Neoliberal generated only exclusion, because in order to stand as a class have to appeal the systemic violence to overpower other and steal their resources, which it euphemistically termed as marketing, which has the same spirit that originated the concept of the market from the Greek peoples.

To go confirming each of the steps that you take the big bourgeoisie to again return to the old times of slavery, though ironically now call the market force that is nothing more than return the slave system, with other tricks , but in the end work is usurpation or removing the labor force to continue accumulating poorest economically to a small class worldwide, and countries to a petty bourgeoisie that behaves like the guardians in favor of the bourgeoisie world. To that end they use for some economic disaster led to introduce social reforms enabling them to take full control of an area or region in the world. Some clueless, such as journalist Cecilia Valenzuela, tells us that we should try it.

The first example of privatization came in the Pinochet dictatorship, but before the big bourgeoisie used to employees of the Central American intelligence to generate a coup in Chile in the government of Salvador Allende. Almost most post coup advisers came from Milton Friedman school or school of the Chicago Boys, who designed the future economic, social facto regime, including a new constitution according to the extent and interests multinationals, such as the dispossession of ancestral lands to indigenous peoples for the benefit of many multinationals that prey ecosystem, which of course have generated climate change was denied for many years because of the same disinformation campaigns of the multinationals. With the design of its policies of dispossession, first we precarizo working conditions to supposedly improve investments at par was privatized all state enterprises, selling them for a price far from its true value, which were multinationals important asset that grew the fortunes of their shareholders.

His greatest prey of course it was social security, thereby grossly swelled their income, which after a few years suffered a debacle, disaster that the state had to take to heal the damage of those affected. His other hand it was the privatization of education has generated enormous educational inside Chile, this has generated in Chile today a new generation of young people who woke up from the slumber that had all the economic political system in Chile that aided by the media, which are also in the hands of those who own the world, generating two different worlds within Chile:

A Chile presented to the world as developing, but there is another Chile who are coming, which are displaced from the wealth generated there. That although there was a small spring called democratic rulers and left, but were still ruling with the dictates imposed by imperialist ideology. It is to understand that imperialism and ideology to continue to maintain their power progressive forces infiltrated to continue staying in power in Chile is called Coalition, here you can Call Patria Roja or Citizens for Change, MAS. They are instructed to divert the just demands of the people, support the system and make impossible any real change. Therefore continue to maintain the system that causes the greatest inequalities that exists in this country and so do here indicated.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos. April - 2013. 


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