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jueves, 6 de junio de 2013


Science, in its way of knowing, is what is currently in crisis. But some still assert dogmatically liberal and neo Mr of Aunt Julia, there's no such thing sentenciándose not to recognize the fallacy of their position. Stubbornly persist in their claims, believing that this will be contrasted to what happens today. Perhaps thinking that this will stop the course of matter in its evolutionary path. How are insipid and vain hopes. Well not understand that capitalism and its epistemology are discussed at the most crucial as his tenure as an economic system. Capitalism to continue still in force has had first become a corporate fascism, this in order to continue to maintain the perks and the accumulation of wealth at the expense of the exploitation of the least disadvantaged. The two main elements of democracy have corrupted and currently do not meet the moral purpose for which mankind was created. Sociology and whether all sciences which have their origin in Western philosophy heir to the Hellenistic and Roman thought, are in crisis, as well as capitalism. But why are in crisis? That's the question that in academic circles wonder. Although some dogmatic either side of the extreme right or the other side of the room intending to deny. In that denial mechanism to attempt to establish fascist methods do not give the debate. And if there is no debate, difficult will be to question their findings with the lucid presentation of ideas.

If we assume that science can not understand itself, especially to see the muddy road that has gotten, seeking a way out that will not see their morale dented scientific, to do this you have to resort to metascience, which is not science. What says Miguel MARTINEZ true science and its method is given for external objects but can not itself be known as an object of knowledge. By resorting to metascience, it is to be able to validate, affirm their concepts, but this may vary with evolutionary twists is giving the knowledge that is validated. Here constructs collapse of both the extreme right and those on the other end, they consider knowledge as immutable, not liable to evolve. Both sides believe that knowledge is like the recipe to which must be followed to the letter to get the desired result beforehand or that contained in the document title epistemological. Both ends are very according to the immutability of beings and things, believing that everything remains unchanged in centuries of centuries, we assume that adhere to Francis Fukuyama's assertion that gave order to the social evolution of man , in other words at the end of the historical. The same happens at the other end who believe that only a small part of nature is what can only evolve, the rest, it remains static both in its essence and in form. Even claiming that the guide is like a cookbook which must follow it to the letter and if you deviate to their own knowledge and reflection is demonized and thrown to the diaspora as vile element. This precisely is the classic behavior of corporatist fascism, and reason focuses on the reasoning of the market, what they preach and do as holy neoliberal dogma and clerical immutable. And is that both sides are in their dogmatism that democracy depends on public discussion excess. Therein lies the problem because both coincide maul ends this aspect of city life, since the characteristic of fascism thrives single thought and absence of behavior that are characterized as unfettered debate or any ideological frontier . Only when it is certain that the truth we hold contradictory argument does not resist, we will strive to who holds an argument that shakes or destroy our argument, resort to the disqualification of our adversary, without further argument that sometimes only the represents the argument to be more valid. But when we have the power, either the group or the state, we use that media violence is none other than the demonization of our opponent to have no one to confront the ideological debate.

If we begin to analyze the expressions, both Mr Guzman as Mr Varguitas, which are essentially anarcho fascists on one side of one end as the other. Both are scholars in different fields, but share the same anti-democratic behavior, but were touting as champions of spreading the culture of freedom. But at first glance, begin to recognize his talent discriminatory-I mean Don Marito-which asserts that there are matters of high intellectual level, so we assume then that there is low level, but it brings its origin or who knows and the article will have confirmed that the diary of the republic will be shown, we are not aware. In his article is when alludes trenches that does not correspond to the true reality, it describes a mess of gossips who have taken your own medicine, as neoliberal what they preach, so there is an ideological struggle antagonist if not the carve-up of social privileges.

The same applies to Mr. Guzman, who has become incendiary holder old system even though the champions of freedom, to exploit and murder-not consent to his side, they do not believe he has repented of questioning the rotten system that keep the population from which they call their homeland as Peru. But still with furrowed brow and participate in the electoral exclusion system, in which only those who have earned money and property, and is not a representation of the way Greek or Roman, who was represented by the wisest and most elderly, the mixture of wisdom and experience, virtue that Socrates mentions, but which now is the opposite. Who we represent? Most grained gangland territory, because we all like in a zoo. Here Guzman is a dreamer, as the underworld never want to mix with, for the purposes of Guzman already know and are not equal to those of Creole underworld is in our parliament nor the genocidal acts as President. And only the illusion lies with the metaphysical, we already know.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos


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