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lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Good morning, brothers slaves!

Good morning, brothers slaves!
A call to the brothers who suffer from capitalist exploitation!
Good morning, brothers slaves!

You work hard to collect 500 soles, no? Also for 200 soles we are doomed to work if the government fascist desire or will the economic oligarchy decides ..

Who knows? maybe not ashamed at all to see: how our children spend over the windows and the windows of department stores - filled with foreign goods, wandering with their old and broken shoes ... Keep working for the crumbs that your employers pay you while you go hungry, disease and poverty .. .

Sleep, oh, people slave! Tilt head sword does not cut it, no!

Sleep, oh, people slave! It is because you have 120 congressmen "immortal friends" lol, to whom we: the 30 million prevalecerles can not, because they are united in stealing the wealth of our pisarnos Pachamama and back, while 30,000,000 us - we each goat by his foot!

Sleep, oh, people slave! For you are "future" only far in strange foreign lands .., away from family and home, away from your elderly mother, away from your children grow miserable you are doomed if your beloved presence, so you can occasional send them another euro ..!

Sleep, oh, people slave! While your grandmother is beaten and raped by a 20 soles! Do not feudal enemy threats as you need your hands to work hard for those 500 suns, no? You need your hands to caress your children, who cry for bread and new shoes, yeah!

Sleep, oh, people slave! I have about 500 years of experience, yes!

Tanyita Yupanqui

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