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lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Goyo Santos, Red Nation Party and the last Velasquistas

Goyo Santos, Red Nation Party and the last Velasquistas As Luis Felipe said: the big bourgeoisie is always late to the story, which can also parody our late reformist left not only the history of the bourgeoisie as a truant, if not in several cases the sin of wanting to reform consolidating and confirming ends corporatist fascism. Perhaps Goyo Santos has forgotten the struggle that raged in the forests of chaupe, understanding Districts Coipa Chirinos and where many farmers were taken prisoners by the police who defended the company incafor Nipponese capital, or have forgotten it by this time was at least nearly ten years. Where the residue of SINAMOS tried to extinguish the fire in protest of the Indians and peasants who were struggling to defend the forests from the greed of transnational corporations. What I do not remember is that as now; imperialism tried to manipulate the political problems of South America with the introduction of military rule, which some had the garb of nationalists or revolutionaries or other openly fascist, that was the intention of imperialism to claim to have the strings of power in their backyard. That's how far the emergence of revolutionary movements throughout Latin America not to say we had in Argentina to the Montoneros, the Tupamaros in Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru to Mir and FLN, was in full swing the liberation and revolutionary movements of the most dangerous thing was what was brewing in Chile. So it was not free what would happen in Peru to deliver the alleged coup against Belaunde in 1967. With the system of government that was swimming in corruption, where an officer of oil company pretoleum stole the famous page thirteen, who remarked the patriotic interests leninidad kneeling to U.S. interests, as it did again with the Camisea gas in government Toledo this character and still pretended to be President to be American. What we want to say that imperialism was not only in your country vassal implement a new strategy had to do with the reformist left and capitulatory adding to collaborate with corporatist fascism Velasco and thus supposedly contained the revolutionary avalanche threatens to take America. In Santos speech Goyo, apart from his admiration for fascism Velasquista media adds their environmental struggle is the same spirit of Healing Arana defending Conga however Incahuasi promotes mining community of Canaris. When he mentions that there may be responsible mining with new rules, right there is where you want to get the corporations and are experts in that game the Red Patria and are easily intimidated when talking to the management of teachers will be democratized spills. Capitalism generates destruction of ecosystems, is that its economic system is sitting on linear logic, because it builds on the principle of contradiction, which has two products: The principle of identity which is the basis of individualism that creates greed, base also of bourgeois dictatorship. There can not talk about democracy as if the reference is to the top of the Greeks is quite the opposite. But to proceed with the capitalist logic which is also the base of the third excluded principle stating that a proposition is true or false, thus ruling out a different position or third proposition that amalgamates the two. This is the soul of Western rationality, even that is built on the spiritual life. It is a rationality of exclusion, based on a binary logic, which values ​​only two logical values ​​and choose one against the other. To do this we must resort to other paradigms to solve the problems of mankind, that capitalism has not resolved to their culture and spirituality alienating and exclusive. But we must also refer to a dialogue in a democracy there can be no imposition or intimidation, nor be in favor of a party, as it is doing the state. First they represent the state, are mere stewards of the finances of the nation as part of the population is opposed. State representatives can not be in favor of companies. They govern for the people as they should and if pressed with the bodyguard, such as police and military are already setting aside of a part. Precisely in this part of the great Socrates gives us a great lesson: Democracy in it everyone is equal and everyone should have the opportunity to express their opinions and decisions with absolute freedom. But if the state already puts military pressure is becoming a tyranny. In Conga, so that there is dialogue, the government has to withdraw his bodyguard and discuss as equals with the transnational corporation and the government abide by the decision of the people, the opposite is fascism and it should be forwarded Mr. Goyo Santos apart from his admiration for the corporatist fascism Velasco Alvarado. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos. http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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