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jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012



Almost a majority of members of the DBA, are located in a new stage of national intelligence led by journalist Aldito Mariátegui, who argue that democracy is the absolute imposition on a line of thought, and that those who do not support their position are the opposite of what they call their democracy, and I say so is very particular conception, is not even the Athenian Greek concept, nor finally what he preaches one of the most important intellectuals of the international extreme right. They are so alienated and robotic in his epistemology that confuse all concepts of memory repeat everything spilled by American propaganda, which incidentally was made to justify their atrocities and genocide around the world. Precisely because it can not distinguish things or concepts and justify the unjustifiable, to give an example: This Mr. Otto will justify the firing of rockets into Palestinian kindergartens where children just die just learned to walk and otherwise denounce a immeasurable zeal that some young Palestinians blew themselves to stop the enslavement of their brethren by the occupation troops in its territory. Not see that terrorism is a technique of war, not a doctrine that has been pulled by the hair to adjetivarse liberation struggles of peoples. It's like taking away the justification for this fight and validate the repression, as this would destroy the target is achieved justifiable action.

Talk about rule of law, and I wonder Is there rule of law in the territory called Peru? First, overpowered the constitution of 1979, a former professedly cambiándosela built inside a de facto government in which members are complicit famous democratic Constituent Congress. Since the mechanisms of amendments and additions were covered by the very constitution of 79. Was there need to implement a hit her own according to the interests of the international oligarchy? I had not, what was need was to implement a low-intensity war in violation of all human rights to implement the plundering of natural resources of the country, as U.S. says geopolitical doctrines of world domination.

At any point in history, when the systems have been on the verge of succumbing have sought to justify its continuance, its validation as a phenomenon that should remain, despite already be obsolete to justify their stay in the wheel of history.

Despite rapid technological progress and the creation of needs in order to justify the profit and opulence as core values ​​of this society. The development of mankind has regressed and even religious values ​​is used to from there dominate the minds of the population in order to plunder the country, all accompanied by an air of progress and modernity, yet most people still die in poverty and hunger. Thus we have the fact that only about five hundred multinational companies dominated by a small group called the bilderberg club is dominating the world and concentrates wealth and world income. And it is a class dictatorship and wants to deny it since the wealth is concentrated in few hands and is not distributed in the rest. For more than you want to do philanthropy, this does not solve the serious problem of economic discrimination and rather has digressed to think that slavery is good for the development of mankind and the plunder and spoliation of man by man is the ultimate expression development ethics.

His explanation is so square the circle of the reality of Mr. Otto that attacks the poor teachers who are being enslaved by a paltry salary would call begging tip, this complicity with traitors always called Patria Roja. This man wants the teachers do not claim their misery, and then see the reality experienced by humanity. Is that he does not know that democracy is precisely to be dealt with ideologically, that thought is only dogmatism. Democracy is a struggle of ideas in the square in the center of the polis, the argument, if they did not commit the old Athenian Socrates who was convicted of corrupting the youth, and Why? Just to ask what is a shoe, and so on. The teachers are the new Socrates of this dictatorship Persian military Ollanta King and Queen Nadine Heredia.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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