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martes, 3 de abril de 2012



All of fascism in the world has always tried to highlight the patriotic spirit in order to win over the population, but the particular and special fascist dictatorships in Military Civic mode is to nullify the discredit its potential enemies and create a legal structure to try to cancel, they do not want to violate the rule of law, create their own legal structure for all purposes, this legal system violates all principles of philosophy and epistemology of law. His arguments are emotional and precisely targeted political enemies who can not fight for its developmental and ideological weakness.

Therefore their arguments are wrongful and injure the rule of law, what they have done is to resort to using emotional skills in order that rational analysis does not arise and the individual is attacked and robbed their defense mechanisms to implant ideas of fear and phobias usually pointing it subliminally and attacking their ideological enemies, because if they did openly defense mechanisms prevent and respond for rationality come to act. What we want is to induce behavior.

All experiments were done in the first phase of civil-military dictatorships which is a program for the American backyard domain by its pesto is the also ensures the interests of the great international bourgeoisie who are the owners of more than five hundred financial corporations in the world economic and concentrate more than seventy percent of global GDP compared seventy percent of the world's population living in extreme poverty and it does not say anything in the world, the failure of capitalism as a system , using coercion and misinformation to continue staying in power and to loot whatever they can and what remains to poor countries and the most disadvantaged.

In the second stage, in which imperialism wanted to test its efforts to continue to be subjected to class, became the second government of Alan Garcia Perez thief, such as the criminalization of the struggles and the signing of FTAs ​​with all countries to seek plunder our wealth with no more restriction than symbolically deliver a mite to appease the local protest can realize the gift of our wealth. They also come together to validate the alleged leaders of the left, as Javier Diez Canseco and the same string of opportunistic Patria Roja negotiate the end they do not remove their source of income, such as the teacher pours and with that will end your help to change and not consent to negotiate the interests of the people. So we have the similar behavior of some members progressive as the priest Arana of Cajamarca, which is against the mining project in Conga and yet this favor to pollute and destroy our brothers Cañaris territories in the region of Lambayeque. The left, famously named, has only served to validate the atrocities committed by governments in power and when civilian dictatorships like Ollanta, there are silent in all possible languages ​​and become extras in the far-right parties as Fujimorism and prayed of APRA.

But the far-right groups that think and are practically the historical and moral consciousness of our nations and that is where he rages to destroy, recent statements by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, against former political prisoners, and mentions, not interested in violating the right to work, non-discrimination on the basis of ideas, it is tolerated in a democracy to the most obtuse and I fought with ideas, not abusive measures in order to ostracize our ideological enemies . To do this they have put him with execrable crimes such as rape and pedophilia, it is undeniable political goal but do not masquerade as democracy, this aberration that only fascist dictatorships is that they do. There have also converged edge congressmen and Urtecho Cuculiza fascist, not to mention Octavio Salazar, the ideologue of the new death squads that were used in the second government of Alan Garcia.

So it is a political persecution to free thinkers, then wait no nothing of this civic-military dictatorship that all it does is to affirm the power of the empire and that we can also see the countless decisions made by the executive and the legislature to allow U.S. troops in Peruvian territory in its five non-official basis has throughout, such as replacement of Piura in Manta Ecuador, Ayacucho, Huancayo that of the base in Satipo and the last covert in Puno Cuzco, with highly sophisticated weaponry. This is practically an invasion and takeover of our country by foreign troops and this with the complicity of all the congress of the republic and not to mention the ministers who are employees of the great empire, so the U.S. effort to make access to its pupil of the School of the Americas: Ollanta Humala, with the consent of that left, the traitor.

We can also add the plans I have this civil-military dictatorship, which reflects the experiences of the previous period in which Alan García experiment with cinnamon to disappear annoying command leaders and common criminals, and free thinkers to make the dictator Ollanta Humala, we are advised .

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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