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viernes, 6 de abril de 2012



Cesar Vallejo Street No. ..., district and province of Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad Department and Region, birthplace of the famous poet universal. Five hours, ground transportation from Trujillo arrives in Santiago de Chuco. Arriving at Shorey, hour and a half before James, the left side of the road stands a huge tailings pond of the powerful Panamerican Silver, and meters below the bed of the same whimsical and wounded Moche River, whose waters contaminated run the Pacific. More to the left, lies Quiruvilca, and I'll tell César Abraham, that what you wrote in "Tungsten" is alive, not history, is really, how many years have had to happen for the poblanos to realize that mining brings poverty and misery, while multinationals are carried in tugs gold, money and sweat of the people.

César Abraham and go on to Santiago, I hope your brothers "glazed with sweat," with their ponchos and hats, along a road which is now asserted, and will soon be paved, say as a result of "social commitment" of Barrick Misquichilca and the Civil Partnership bawd Alto Chicama, one of the world's largest mining and one of its owners is George Bush, it does not even know what you have, but still feels his power over the decisions of puppet governments like ours .

The house where you were born, and where they coined the "Black Heralds" is being restored. How ironic César Abraham, oppress thy brethren, cheat, cheat them, they tell tall tales, pollute consciences, land and water, and yet, this restoration is being used by tyrants and despots always to divert the attention of country's real problems and make us believe that open pit mining is viable, Conga South Lakes will or will, that miners strive for social inclusion.

And you know, Cesar Abraham, have been invited, say, to inaugurate the restoration none other than Nobel Prize in Literature 2011, Mario Vargas Llosa, the same who signed their support for the Cuban Revolution, and then reneged on it, the same as was part of the Latin American boom and then rented and sold his pen to Flagging the benefits of capitalism, the same that was paid to blame Uchuracay commoners of the death of journalists in the eighties, the same as ranting of the work of our Amauta José María Arguedas, just because the latter lived and died alongside their brothers. Cesar Abraham, you hear me, you understand me, you do not want this step satrap your dwelling, air breathing protector of your trees and do not even look or sit on the bench inspired you.

Send us your Black Heralds, notify peers that come in this fateful hour and expel the demons who want to celebrate your death as in life you killed. That cop, fiureh apprentice, do not put his boot on your pitchforks noble dwelling, other than a feast of bloodthirsty to quiet their consciences, and numb the conscience of our people continue to Peter Rojas, Pedro Rojas and when your finger in the air will lead to the catacombs where necessary, but we will be standing here defending your name and your courage Cesar Abraham may prevent be present at the ceremony, but we live for many years before in your home in your home, your home, Peter and Michael Aguedita are with us, that at the end of the battle and killed the soldier, you came to us, and we heard Louis Philippe, who raised his voice, today, days of the reopening lives chasing dragons and wolves dressed in sheep have entered your house, but just the walk and we will fall expel the whole world, because you told us, Cesar Abraham, brothers .... there much to do.

Therefore, we reject the political exploitation of this government and the mining company Barrick Misquichiclca that to restore the house of Vallejo, are presented as the kind, the essential, the givers, raising the occasional verse of our universal poet, but hiding his presence in the International Brigades in Republican Spain, for a poet who is not next to his people and feeds on the sap, is a prospect of servile to the system, you said it Cesar Abraham, therefore, hear once more, which you already know and has a name Inca prince, his figure subservience to capital projects, and the other not premiosnobel nerd with medals and we are going to intimidate.

Cesar Abraham, here we are, scaring the hell of your home will one day be ours and actually retain. Raise our voice against this new disgrace of bread and circuses. Paco Yunque has matured, and the voice of Servando Huanca, unmasking the judge Ortega, the priest Valverde Mayor Prague, brothers Humberto Marino and Grieves of our century, without waiting for the Braulios Conchucos be watered on the slopes, we persist in your sentence: "We are revolutionaries, not by ideas but by lived experience learned."

Patarata, April 2012.
Alfredo Vinchales Chunga.


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