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viernes, 20 de abril de 2012


WHO RULES, WHO was elected? - NADINE or OLLANTA.

There are successive incidents are giving us a sense of what, who was elected at this time does not govern at all. Is aimlessly. His gaze goes to empty, empecinándose not to respond to public opinion about what does and what does not.

Such as in the case of the privileges that have been granted to his brother, who does not belong. First to be transferred to a military prison, without being present, and especially when there will not be met by the prison system which was doomed. Neither he deserved to be in the Military Penal Navy, where if he should confine the genocidal Fujimori.
If someone has committed a crime, and still being in the highest office as the presidency, because he must irrogar many privileges, or perhaps Are keeping their backs, because they are doing what they did?

Here is one of the paradoxes and uncertainty in which we are deparando this government in which the role the media is having the president's wife without having Peruvians elected to govern. Here some feminists jump to the sky so we are saying, but the problem is that the husband of Mrs. Nadine is who was chosen to head the State and not her.

She is merely the result of circumstances rather than a choice. Here are a lot of responsibility opportunist and revisionist left that gave wings to the lady, because that is the left who worked to get elected president Ollanta. The citizens who call for change, and Tapia, Sinesio Lopez and others who are very adept at cajoling the masses are led to believe that they could win Ollanta and well earned by the contract made between the left called reformist and submissive to the far right.

If the left had not done traitorous dealings with the extreme right, had lost more than Ollanta. But once in government, came to the surface mining class, where he came from he and his family are just descendants of landowners in the Andean region Parinacochas province, where at present there are still vestiges of slavery that subjected the gentlemen planters to our indigenous brothers.

There, Mr. Squire is the one devoted to the pleasures of the flesh or sometimes ostentatious leisure life of society, while the woman was the specialist in government finances. This is what happens to the family and the role Ollanta which is now Mrs. Nadine Heredia.

Neither party life has developed in any sense of the word, have used only what others have done in his favor no party organization to back them up, well now taken as a party to the armed forces and police, is a danger because the state will discredit much more than they are for the commitment they had with the Fujimori regime, apart from its alliance with the big drug cartels.

So Roy Freyre counselor is very distinguishable in that alliance, even if they want to deny that is so evident. Right here, knowing how to handle Mrs. Nadine and knowing what your weaknesses has given him the taste bud, this is going to take for the purposes they have. So I think that the scenario painted for the next is that forcing the electoral legal framework put on stage three candidates of the extreme right, which could be: Nadine Heredia as the weather vane that will distract voters, which would take advantage of the future candidate Beatriz Merino, with its pseudo-democratic appearance and finally the natural candidate of the extreme right is the daughter of Japanese Keiko Fujimori. In more or less progressive candidate is being burned or discrediting in every step in municipal management and we can trace the hard epithets and the extreme right as mail and newspaper Peru 21 he has been entitled. Besides that there is no medium that can ingratiate himself with the truth, at least I believe, could be said of Hildebrant daily, but it's a butterfly in all spring and most annoying insects abound as rapíñelas that infect everything.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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