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viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012



The best examples of revolutionary heroism I have not ever had a brain mounted in a library, or a satanic verbiage alienated. Always in my eventful life I have seen in the image of a woman. But I will not talk about my mother or my grandmother, already widely mentioned, I want to talk about that humble working with her husband in tow gave me an example of heroism and courage intact under the principles of seeking a change to your country and their brothers. But with a lack of interest bordering on holiness and not because it was who attended on his deathbed who considered the past of their ancestors and image of his people and his nation. A woman who combined the cultural tradition of his people and fight for the rights of his people, his brothers, this woman should not disappear from an obituary forgotten and gone. But why? It is necessary that women today no longer an instrument of the greed of unbridled capitalism, not just take the attitude of Clara Zetkin, the Mary Eusebia, who did not want recognition for their attitude of defending the rights of its kind , the opposite was the visionary of a future without rich or poor, said loudly enough of exploitation of man by man. They gave their enormous sacrifice in defense of his family, looking for a decent future for their progeny that came from within, from within and therefore felt the need to fight but why do not more exploitation, a class that holds power and the other but also represented by the feudal lord known as landowner.

A Clara Zetkin only met her in my avatar library as an adult, but the other great women I met while we were still very young. Of dark complexion and indigenous in the province of Otuzco, the color was the patient and her husband Don Lino enigmatic. I met them at the recent young people the future they visited all the heroes of the Battle of the eight hours that were fired from large agro industrial Chicama Valley, they had been of the former hacienda Cartavio. There in that house made with the joint efforts of all indigenous people there knew him fired. It was rather short and looked very delicate view, her husband was very strong and short stature. The two united by the same feat, that of asserting their rights as human beings who rent their labor to an employer.

There I met solidarity, because my father had been killed by the police by the illusions that every young person harbors in his youth for a more just society. There in the lap of my grandmother listened as the woman told us what the struggles of all women, wives, mothers and sisters of the workers cañaveleros for the eight hours asking Mr. entrepreneur. This not wanting to give them, sent to the gendarmerie for the repressed and not like now that at least are known to have been arrested, at the time the murdered and his body left to better watch the weather and it was picked up by their families, they were also repressed. What they said and justified by saying that the Indians must learn to respect their masters. So women with their children in the shawl (cloak that is charged to the children) were thrown to the train tracks so they do not take their husbands, brothers or father to be killed and if he was a leader to be locked in dungeons as the island known or pediment, yes was the son of a known person, but if it was indigenous or mountain as they used to call, it disappeared, without further ado. Many died, although the one driving the locomotive was an Indian like us. So when her husband Complete guerrillas in 1932 with his fellow Buffalo Barreto, knew she could not return to work at the hacienda Cartavio were located with all the exiles in the sands of the future. There were organized again and faced the authorities who wanted to evict them from the sand, suffered all kinds of hardships, because for the white boys of the colonial city of Trujillo were rebels or highland Indians who had dared dirty to claim rights.

Much like to tell you sister Maria Eusebia, I just wanted to let the world know what did you take to the release of your brothers operating on the cane farms in the scorching sun tore the harvest for the children of the gringos enjoy in their leisure travel in Europe. I want to give this honor and your name will not be forgotten and thank you for always being supportive to your Johnny even after death.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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