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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012



The U.S. central intelligence, in their role of infiltration and imperial domination, in the nineties I think the green plan, aimed to consolidate its strategic point of dominance in South America. Since his executors exceeded permissible and more lines were dedicated to robbery, which repudiated its implementation as a plan for strategic dominance, this impulse a new and supposedly democratic spring and I say alleged, because what followed the path they had no other purpose to consolidate U.S. imperial power. But at the same time distract people or the population as we like to call them, to assume a rebellious attitude frustrates the plans, even more than can be a danger to the supply of raw materials and high profits for global gentry, it had no hesitation in again let a pathological liar and deceiver as Alan Garcia back again to lead what they call their Peru. The great world bourgeoisie was desperate before the fall of Fujimori, as what they had achieved to date, as is the absolute submission to their system of plunder, might collapse.

There was no chance of knowing the legal system created in the Fujimori regime, and had warned that all legislation unlawful ex professedly created around the time of the civil-military dictatorship of Fujimori. Much of the experiment was to delegitimize labor struggles, which were put as a pretext the sign of the violence, but seeing that the state also has violence, only send to fight the Protestant union struggles, if the was right, I mean the state, then why go to protest, is that whenever the state is in favor of those in economic power is converted into an appendix that protects and preserves the economic power of a minority at the expense of all.

The people can not assert their rights, for very simple things, first because the State is the policeman of the status quo and not the legality, always come out in defense of their masters, which is the great international bourgeoisie or national bourgeoisie either the bureaucratic or financial and second that the state cree guardian of the people and therefore decided by the, if it is as convenient for the people it does not matter, what matters is that the interests of the big bourgeoisie are not touched. This can be plotted on what is happening in the conflict in Conga. There the state rather than see the long experience that the people in their relations with mega mining, has chosen to defend the business on the grounds that brings a lot of development for the country, and their arguments are so false that despite the monstrous propaganda, the people are becoming aware and preparing to defend what they believe their interests and lives.

We therefore believe that the government of Ollanta is the second stage of the green plan the Pentagon had planned to sign his power in South America. It is the second stage of fascism that is deployed in South America to be supportive of the plans of plunder of natural resources to further fuel the greed of the multinationals that is but a small group that rules the world, although tries to pass incognito and only shows who are the extras that are the visible face of the international bourgeoisie. Here in Peru represented by the bureaucratic bourgeoisie which is the squire of our financial bourgeoisie, which is known as the DBA (Right achorada gross), then we have the Miro Quezada representing a small minority interest in all branches of domestic production but which in turn are the appendices of international financial bourgeoisie, which has the international body like the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, as the bureaucratic bourgeoisie.

At the national level is represented by the various ministers of state, who are defending the great interests. If it was made Luis Castilla as finance minister? It is not free to impose their views and defend their interests, the vast international bourgeoisie could not act in a bold, for it had to mask their interests, it resorted to revisionism that are faithful allies. And that is what made revisionism, which is the same as opportunism and careerism of a small group that has always confused the people in the fight for their rights, they themselves have been used to again be the figurehead, the Trojan horse for the people again have hope that will resolve their problems, po5 this is the defiance of the DBA, to what the Conga and thus their support for the fascist Prime Minister. Thus reaffirming the status of this government and the collusion between opportunism and extreme right. And this government is only the second phase of the civil-military dictatorship that was implemented in the genocidal government of Alberto Fujimori, now it its second phase.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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