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lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012


STATEMENT OF CONGRESSMAN Jorge Cabrera Rimarachin.

Congressman Jorge Cabrera Rimarachin addresses the public to express the following:

1. As elected Congressman of the Republic of the Cajamarca region and as a citizen who knows about the problems generated by the mining abusive, predatory and violates human rights of my people, I have expressed my support for militant protest against the town of Cajamarca the Conga mining project, accompanying all his struggles and demands.
2. During the development of the protest of Cajamarca, we have seen the tremendous support that has the Yanacocha mining company in most of the media in the country and who are the powers across different operators make efforts to discredit Cajamarca people's struggle, trying to induce people the idea that the Conga mining project is the panacea to solve the country's problems.
3. In that context, we developed the historic National March for water which ended last February 10 in a historic rally in the Plaza San Martin in Lima with several thousands of Peruvians who claim the protection of water against the threat of the activities extractive mercantilist. In the heat of this debate, I have had a subjective perception by the way they announced the arrest of Artemio terrorist by the media that the most privileged in all the news to overshadow the successful national march of the water, which is a mistake that I recognize and assume.
4. That should highlight the effort made by the government through the police in the process of dismantling of this terrorist group Huallaga remaining to allow peace to the country. However, it should be noted that our police and armed forces not only have their own training capacity and to undertake the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, being unnecessary the presence of agencies and foreign elements into operational actions.
5. Finally, I declare that the Peruvian Nationalist Party (PNP) has decided to initiate me a disciplinary process to which I have submitted willingly as a militant, because that means that the party should be discrepancies, tolerance, internal debate and trends, all of which must mean Internal Democracy. I hope to be processed under the rules of due process as established by the Political Parties Act and the Statute partisan, so nobody can be occasioned powers or sentencing judge, to decide my separation of the Nationalist Party, let alone the confluence of Peru wins congressional caucus to which I belong, because in the party and Earn Peru has no owners or bosses, but authorities have formal decision after an internal process that is fair and democratic.
Lima, March 2, 2012.

Jorge Cabrera Rimarachin
Thank you for your gentle diffusion.
Phone: 3117678

Posted by Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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