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martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

STATEMENT of CONAIP of 03/12/2012


The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Peru-CONAIP addresses the national and international community to establish position on the policy being implemented by the current government.

The current President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, in his campaign lied to the people with his preaching nationalism, promising to make the "Great Transformation" and defending the interests of the country against the invasion of transnational corporations. However, once he won the election back to the majority, especially the indigenous and peasant communities in the Andes and Amazon, and sided with the more powerful. Again the constant repeats of Peruvian history, where a civil or military leader betrays the interests of the country.

However, the Great Transformation Process should continue, leaving the government that has become the policy of continuity of unpopular policies implemented by the Fujimori, toledismo and APRA, now partners with whom co-govern with cynicism. That is, we are facing an electoral fraud and should be punished morally and politically by all the voters who believed in the preaching nationalism. We say that the Great Transformation Process should continue it, because the vast majority who voted for Ollanta, we must organize to correct and continue the process. We can not give up as defrauded victims and, when traitors are perched in a minority government, we must correct. The fight continued through the Great Transformation, WITHOUT Ollanta and his accomplices!

One of the cases and obvious criollada is the enactment of the Act prior consultation, which contains defects and traps used to circumvent the rights of indigenous peoples as enshrined in ILO Convention 169. The Pirate Act is entirely designed to encourage foreign investors, without respecting the will, interests and rights of indigenous peoples on the territory occupied since time immemorial, and these pre-existing rights to the State. For this reason, we totally reject this law and demand its repeal and / or modification.

Similarly, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Peru-CONAIP, calls to other organizations and leftist parties, determining positions on the Nationalist Party, now that they have come to the ranks of the reactionary right. We believe that silence is a form of complicity that ultimately harms the interests of the people.

Finally, we call the unit to forge people's organizations to confront the brutal onslaught of transnational corporations PAQARINAS AGAINST (or basin headwaters) of the aquifer slopes of the Andes and the total Andean-Amazonian territories; and to PERSIST IN THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION presenting an alternative to real change in the next national elections, regional and local.

Finally we declare that the policy of unity pact of the five indigenous organizations, is an "Exclusionary Unity Pact", because it does not consider or even "invisible" to organizations such as UNCA, CONAIP, CONAP and other so on. by express mandate of the "financial" separating foreign, try to exclude and exterminate the non-genuflexas and are not subject to political pongeaje subservient to the interests of anthropologists and agents who run them. The Unity Pact exclusive and divisive contributes nothing to the UNION of Indigenous Peoples free and self-determined and is the main weakness of the indigenous movement in the struggle for their rights.

The Board of CONAIP

Posted by Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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