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sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011


"WAR GAMES with the sons of bitches" from ALDO MARIATEGUI

In its analysis of the electoral problem in the time line stretching from the country's accession course to the democratic path, it suffers from many supporters who are not important and is seen to be a situational analysis of things without seeing all the scheme was developed, the events that occurred behind the scenes. And the term coined in the title refers to what a former U.S. president said in reference to Manuel Antonio Noriega a character to establish a dictatorship in Panama, with the consent of the U.S. Government, which made him its agent Central Intelligence . Here is how little known but highly controversial because this character was beginning to be trouble for the Americans, is that it was becoming a drug dealer and criminal cartels link many Colombians. Voceada was active, and the American president at that time mentioned: "It's a bastard, but he's our son of a bitch" (George HW Bush) and thus settle the questions of governments around the world, but was it took it out of the presidency, because as he himself later said the man in Panama had gotten out of control. And that was out of control? Not that it related to Colombian criminal cartels, but because he began to do business without being of taxes to the CIA. Everyone knows you have visited Afghanistan for example, there is the U.S. army, is for control of hashish, has no interest in Osama Bin Laden, his interest is cornering the funding source is the Middle East and Of course the control of drug trafficking in the Middle East, which allows you to fund their private wars without informing the U.S. Congress. Noriega participated in the assassination of Omar Torrijos was a nationalist military was against the U.S. plunder of natural resources of Panama, so the CIA had to plotting to disappear, is the same as was done in Ecuador with Jaime Roldos. So what does the young Aldo analysis Mariátegui if not take into account the constraints of politics in America, knowing that here the Americans have to give a blessing for someone to take power in a country. Analysis is designed with the liver and bile, is the grandson of Major José Carlos Mariategui

For everything that was going to Peru in the late 80's and the same social conditions that gave and the beginning of a widespread insurrection and gave the possibility that the guerrillas then took power, was a possibility that Americans Rosette skin them, then decide to condition after Alan Garcia to rejoin the national policy had to become the American bastard, as it was after Fujimori. It is therefore possible that the engineer of work honesty (with irony) assume the leadership of the country helped by one of the spies who were in our country that was none other than Vladimiro Montesinos. Together they also were the sons of bitches Americans and as such for a decade to establish a dictatorship that was supported not only by the U.S., but also by the plutocratic class of our country, during which greatly enriched. And when it comes to the elections of 1995. We're just talking about the largest electoral pantomime, in which many candidates were offered to integrate the circus that was the election, and adjectives are not free, because at the time that program was accurate and balanced journalism, if all were ayayeros of Fujimori dictatorship, there was no exception only journalist Cesar Hildebrant battling alone against the whole system prevailing in our country. Then all were silent, including Mr. Aldo Mariátegui, which was his most faithful follower. Then you can not talk that only got over 50 percent of preference was the dictator Fujimori, knowing how to steer in such circumstances the electoral authorities was very worse than being handled now.

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