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viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Declare the inviolability of the Lagoon area del TORO / Buffalo's lagoon /

Declare the inviolability of the Lagoon area del TORO / Buffalo's lagoon /

A few days ago there was an important event. In this near Laguna del Toro met a crowd of brothers and sisters in the counties norteandinas
hit by the continuing activities of Barrick Gold mining. The number of these had approximately about 5 000 people. All meeting unanimously to declare the inviolability of LAGUNA AREA DEL TORO. The representatives of municipal authorities undertook to perform the acts required for this popular statement of broad agreement be accorded legal status.

But recently we were told by some brothers in the region, "the mayor seems unwilling to issue the Order of the inviolability of the gaps." That's why we are dedicated to writing this article to come to a knowledge society in our country and all mankind straight gubermamental fact barbarism in the territory now known as Peru.

In our ancestral lands Alasca from northern to southern Patagonia in the horrible and sad these barbariedades began in 1492 and are still / committing similar / the heirs of the white invaders. Let us remind our reader to do a few similar cases that could not hide the colonial histroria:

"The fall of 1622 the chief Opchancanough to calls for negotiation. Was finally opened to pursue peace talks through intermediaries Indians, but some of Jamestown leaders, instigated by Captain William Tucker and Dr. John Potts, poisoned the liquor had to drink Powhatan representatives in the ceremonial toast. The poison killed some two hundred Indians ...

We ask you not do the same today?

Barrick Gold mining continues to poison our water and does not only ceremonial toast, but do it every day poisoning our children through the waters, land, flora and fauna of these drinking water to exist. And do not tell the owners and those responsible for Barrick not harm anyone because the February 20, 2011 5 000 people more effectively sisters (with real presence) delcararon the enormous and almost irreversible damage. They adopted their declaration against mining - with results of chemical analysis of the waters of Laguna del Toro.

For those who still doubt our words that we put this testimony scanning Argentine brothers who suffer the same circumstances brought about by the mining company.

"The gold rush in North America in 1848 and 1849 further stimulated the migration of whites to the west and the new railroads facilitated the relocation of settlers and increased conflicts with Native Americans. For half a century, up to 40 million bison were slaughtered for their skins and meat to facilitate the spread of the railways. The loss of the buffalo, a major food source for the Plains Indians was a mortal blow to many native cultures. "

According to approve each historical data show the greed and cruelty with which White chased invaders, also continue to pursue their favorite metal today! Causing deaths of millions of native animals and siblings.

If I'm writing now about the fate of northern brothers is caused by the owners of those settlers from Barrick greedy and vile.
Today the children of the murderers of our brothers / and the living things that belong to our Pachamama / children of the murderers who were located in the North moved here in our southern territories to continue their looting to continue slaying brothers and their alpacas and their crops ...

Our motherland is crying for the wounds that mining causes him! Our Mother Earth runes weeping for her children who die deceived, poisoned and betrayed again by the Creoles scoundrel!

Our children deserve a decent life! Our planet deserves to be saved from outright plunder and global warming that threatens us each day more!

To be continued ...

Tanyita Yupanqui

Here I am...