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miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011


The decision by the new Mayor of the city of Lima has been given to the citizen Susana Villaran, the decision to appoint her to the curators of the various police stations in the district of Lima seems very successful. This I agree although I have never agreed that the state has interference with local security are clearly for the sole purpose of being able to keep the population subject to its dictates. For police work should be under the auspices of the community that uses their services and should sort it as sovereign. That does not mean that there is a law enforcement agency-wide selective and clear above all the political work of a section of the police or the police is an agency policy of persecution of free thinkers and the way of future rivals of dictatorships masked, which is the present. As in the communities would establish the same mission to the Andean peasant patrols, which given the inaction and vilification of the police organization have had to resort to their organizations to address the various problems affecting the safety of communities.

To be police work in the hands of the Commune, this will be monitored to fulfill his duty, as should be for all bodies interfere in the affairs of the community, for if the opposite is true, it will become in an institution that tends to be manipulated by successive governments as it does now with the label of the adjectives to the attitudes of free-thinkers, it is used to maintain the status quo, and this is against the true community interests. Therefore arise ronderiles organizations throughout the northern part of our country.

If we ask ourselves why the peasant patrols emerged? We give you the surprise that Andean communities, or communities of Andean indigenous peoples resorted to this mechanism because Western organizations emerged as corrupt entities that is not conducive to the truth, if not rather than from the side of who holds the economic power and can buy a court ruling or for a corrupt police.

Take the case in a high Andean province of Liberty as a commissioner spent almost two decades as rising from a single commissioner to lieutenant commander in the same police station, turning the province into no man's land, having the highest rate crime than the rest of the provinces in the same region, here the rounds were organized and began to tackle crime, but they are also persecuted by the judicial system, because it will burn the cake to receive the perks of organized gangs . Liked nor lowering customers of lawyers and do not have many customers who gouge in collusion with judges and prosecutors.

The last example we have of the moral police is a major Benedicto Jiménez Baca, chief of police units Peruvian politics, which, in conjunction with others dedicated to defraud, the same way the Lord has Ketin Vidal in a weekly report of his ground Hildebrant has verified that this gentleman has erased the history of drug trafficking one of the members of the Sánchez Paredes family are now processing for money laundering from drug trafficking. But that's small for many years had almost the entire staff of the national police for drug trafficking processes immersed in one of these is the Villa case in which the main Coca involved together with the gang leader was the chief of police and other politicians of diverse political groups. So if the community takes as his own in the appointment of commissioners, it will be judged on their professional, as they do now the peasant patrols.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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