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lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011


I think the statements of the son of Orlando Sanchez Paredes is not being taken very seriously by the public, even by the ecclesiastical sector inclusive. It seems that it was a very trivial thing it does not matter, the most paradoxical is that a story at the bottom in the whole body is portraying what is this country of contrasts and mysterious reputation. I called the republic in the name of the father and son refers to the states on behalf of the father. There are two aspects that characterize this republic ruled from Spain's entry to Europe for them that since they found and invaded our territory and wanted to wipe out everything that belongs to us has been sinking in the most execrable filth that characterizes this territory .

And, is that as is typical of Mr. Alan Garcia Perez - the money comes alone, Alan Garcia on the request of the Central Intelligence Agency wanted to get out of an uncomfortable ally for both the APRA and for Americans. Well, as is known the family that are now under investigation for money laundering, is suspicious their rapid wealth. In our little world as Santiago de Chuco, everyone knows each other and always see the steps you take and can not tell tall tales, making them appear as stories Andes. In the small community of indigenous Indians and I say it in Tullpo, the estate which included indigenous stays and Lacabamba Mollepata Mollebamba and belonged to a community Mitman, all taken to have a main occupation, many of which have been forgotten as precious fabrics to those belonging to the Kuna Kapac. From there came a few characters before they were married with the descendants of some administrators of the estate of Surname Alayo, in the indigenous world was not anybody, just were Yanas and served Curakas and Sinchis lords living in Mollepata. But unfortunately they also had other habits so they had to flee the father and eldest son and the family suffer the consequences of flight and the stigma of his father. Story is well known throughout the elderly population, as the youth and known only as Mr Don so and so, not as they were before.

The Fujimori government made much show of their power in government. All came up to them to ask favors of all sorts. The same happened with the current governing party and you can see its importance and power leagues in the same Mollebamba. A small district with almost no population, but nevertheless has a high school as a whole province, a small hospital in the provincial building and envy him, that's bit was making a small concrete runway that are no more than two hundred meters in which it is taking almost a year, surely it will justify precisely what is being investigated. But the cake is browning the Higher Institute of technology, in which the student population must be moved to distant places, and as mentioned above Mollebamba population is sparse, to say that almost non-existent.

And you can see its influence as all district educational institutions should be reordered to other places where there are greater demands, but did not because there is fear in the heads of the intermediate levels of education sector and justify it: "You go to complain, Don Manuel, Don Wilmer regional President and me out and I live? ". Then the headline that the newspaper today puts the Republic is more than true, because all the national political class owes favors to the family whose fortune is very dark. Then to go to elections if everything is dominated by narcocracia, everyone have a tail of straw, even those who create very pure as the responsible left, one that is stuck in its principles to which every step has been broken and really just look for the economic arrangement, nothing more, so they are and so will everyone.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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