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lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009



Could it be an insult or a joke. What is done by the academy of sciences in Sweden, in delivering the Nobel Peace Prize to the American president Obama. To date it has not changed is the implemented policy of rapacity that the son of Bush. Nor will, it is a good son in such a bad father, like imperialism, because to date has not been one iota of change in American foreign policy, the opposite continues to fuel the arms race worldwide so that its military industry continues to consume the few resources that are the poorest countries. The plethora of sirens announcing the inauguration of a new ruler in the capital rocked imperialism ideologically vague like Chavez, Evo Morales and Lula, who believe that this new stage will be different, is to believe that pigs fly and the devil will be again participate in the divinity of Jehovah or Iahveh. Although some predictors of all mankind that are in search for fame announcing something different for humanity. I presume that at that stage have been members of the Swedish Academy and so far do not awaken from its slumber autumn. For we must take into account involves criminal and murderous empire. It pulls us in the eyes of thousands of innocent deaths in the two countries that U.S. interference in dented the dignity of the countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. But the paradox of the academy is that it gives a winner the one who is with his sword, which is sending more soldiers to fire and sword to keep the puppet governments in many countries that previously were not in his circle of power but his only mistake was to have resources that the empire was concerned. Well Obama is the result of the campaign in support of multinationals did to them, as this is agreed to the interests they defend. And that interests argue, is the denationalization and plundering of resources from around the world, regardless of the development of those nations. Obama is the son of transnational companies and for the world is interested in reducing poverty and hunger in the world. The rhetoric may say, that the common people get excited, but he says at heart, if not said by the political circumstances at the time they say it or pressing, but do the opposite, because it defends the interests of their masters. Our assertion is supported by the support of the three largest U.S. newspaper conglomerates, like the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, all of them tied to power in the world, is but the power wielded by transnational companies. But what he discovers are also some great contributions to his campaign that transnational euphemistically achieving the amount of $ 471 million that came from multinationals such as Microsoft Corporation, the giant investment firm Citigroup Inc, Goldman Sachs, which is considered the largest firm on Wall Street, JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Time Warner, a media empire of the United States. What is wanted is to make up that essence is the evil empire and its American guardian, it has been paid to the Swedish academy of sciences, because the color does not determine the class position having a sector of society. The advocacy is conditioned by the extraction of class, is where ideas come from and defend himself or herself during her what ultimately define our essence and our class position. But it appears Obama? Perhaps his inaugural promises more indiscriminate repression against the world and his words denote well: the nation is at war, in which situation the military instrument is essential. "If you are the champion of peace, because it preaches that America is in War and arms race is essential. Or is telling us that the main thing is their nation and not the rest of the world. This is not a pacifist government, if not a purely aggressor country. Much more than those who accompany him in his cabinet that are responsible for the global crisis in the economy such as by Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary, he worked at the IMF, was President of the Federal Reserve (FED), under Bush, the link between the Fed and Wall Street and oversaw the acquisition of AIG (American International Group) by the government and STEAM BEAN JP MORGAN CHASE, Lawrence Summers, Head of Economic and Social Council, and Robert Rubin, former Treasury secretaries, Paul Volcker, former Secretary of the EDF; ERICH SCHMIDT, President of GOOGLE; Warren Buffett, billionaire investor, William Daley, former Secretary of Commerce; Roel Campos and William Donaldson, former Commissioner and former Chairman of the Securities Commission respectively, Roger Ferguson, former Deputy Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Fed; Anne Mulcahy, chairman of Xerox, Richard Parsons, Time Warner chairman, Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, Laura Tyson, former President of the Council of Economic Advisers, Penny Pritzker, president of a division of the Hyatt hotel chain. If you look the list in detail, consists of former Bush officials, the Clinton administration, executives from leading firms and investors, although there are also academics, former congressmen and officials. as the Gospels say, "By their fruits ye shall know them". Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui. http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com.

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