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lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009



The ruler who is not looking to an imminent capsizing of their boat, it remains cautious and kept silent. This can have two causes. One fact that is a certainty in their claims, and second that really has lost his mind with the vision that should govern. In principle, if we believe we have the absolute truth for too long without claiming the change in our perspective, anyway this will make us face reality. I recall with this, some minor incidents in a small province with great fortune, but unfortunately many spivs and opportunists who jump on any car that allows them to usufruct the fat profits from their misdeeds. In his vain attempt to appear as a local government and labor warranty for a longer coax architect of deception and political set, as is the Premier of the cabinet. But unfortunately for them, all this is taking longer as a play about who has deceived them as they are beardless. But that is not here, their promises have so vociferous be breached Olympian, it's going to prove that his meager victory was only a joke but the circus that has become the republic. The whole system of government makes fun of people like we are idiots, is in his own words that poured into his speeches. With regard to the ruling party every day is sinking into the most horrible stench, all sums corruption at the highest level. Everything he touches turns into corruption and more to try to hide this trickles through and through. What happened in Trujillo is the height of impudence and also the support of anarchist syndicalism made by the hosts of Huaynalaya, without direction or ideological direction that makes his magical mind dictates. Which ultimately lead to more decomposition in the right direction to be taken by the union movement, despite working against the movement of the Red Fatherland, a powerful union that became a skeleton that is pure mirage stopped sinking in Peruvian politics. What happened to appear to the secretary of one of the most prominent leaders Apristas as business owner and manager of several large companies winning tender after tender of the money from the public purse, would be nothing unusual, if not the Secretary of Council Chairman Don Javier Velásquez Quesquén ministers. After the brother of the sub so that winning bids left and right in all councils APRA, but what came out of the spotlight was so brazen in the local town of Moche, there exceeded all limits. What has so brazenly gilded corruption that is handled is what happened to Congresswoman Aprista Tula Benitez has been released from their crimes by the Supreme. As much as tried to hide with many smokescreens, it could not be wiped off the face of the earth of the offenses. But on the dome of APRA hangs like a sword of Damocles for the Petro audios in which the judicial authorities are promoting a whole class of media show in order to overshadow this event, so that citizens will eventually be made of oblivion, in which case the cabinet presided Jorge Del Castrillo had to resign to be committed to the same corruption. Well was the most obvious ties that have reached the same Alan García, but all their squires have tried to cover up, as was the case of Agustin Mantilla, who callus in all languages for the millions who were had in U.S. bills and who had referred it no longer had it. He said nothing and had to swallow many years in prison for his squire Arana in this unshakable in any state office, probably in reward in complicit silence of the years of corruption in the five years of ochentaicinco. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com.

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