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viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

The Future and the contest:betwen whon?

In order to Dante's Gambit (Part I).
The balance of power is measured in the contest between two positions organized. If only one organization and the other is not organized, there can be no correlation of forces, would be incongruous to speak of struggle of opposites, if only one is organized and the other not, the other is not just a spontaneous explosion of the worsening of contradictions. In which the most organized impose its conditions on the disorganized, more spontaneous than this. For the organized contingencies and can provide solutions, what the other can not do it. Therefore it can determine that the organization is organized wrong moves toward greater authoritarianism, not advancing, if it is meeting its goals for its fascist essence, from its origin and consolidation as a political organization. Because we speak that this is corporatist, fascist state, not by the urge to foist such a qualification, on the contrary belongs to them, gives them away all existing legislation that criminalizes social protest. Fascism seeks to establish itself as the only truth, not discussed in argument, for it opposes the guards of the system as it has done here using and creating a police organization for such purposes, although the latter was already created since the time of the genocidal Alberto Fujimori. Nor can we speak of popular movement, because it is not organized and what emerges is a product of spontaneity to any measure affecting the way of life every sector of the population, so that we can not say either that the maturing, "Maduro ? The anarchist movement of the masses? Anarchist do not obey that order and an understanding of the concepts of order and organization of the insurgent masses in a revolution.
Capitalism in its imperialist phase and stage of globalization, which has to take the hand of all in order to continue living, not in crisis, the crisis becomes in development for qualitative leap from what is dialectics. Capitalism is going through a phase of extinction, if not crisis, unless it is disappearing as a system would partially agree, but this is a crisis to precede a state of disappearance as a political economic force of humanity? We do not believe, we believe it is a stage of involution to extinction as political economic system, as not all development or involution is linear, however has its undulations and deviations according to how advanced the popular movements, as these are consolidated and developed . Here we must take into account far the let the thought enter Trotskyist infiltration, an ally of capitalism within the progressive ranks. It's an enemy that infiltrates to undermine the morale of the revolutionary ranks and divert the lessons of the four columns of Marxism. In this regression, the state does not intervene, if not quite to the contrary, the big bourgeoisie as the ruling class is that which serves the state to reverse the situation to get economic gap that is their business and economic interests.
The economic crisis, not push the ruling class rather than use the state to plunder the poorer classes. And these, to tackle in a different way to tackle the economic problem, because they are not sufficiently made aware in the role to be played in the shaping of society. There has been an entire educational system that makes the political zombies beings are nothing more than parasites, but not in the pejorative sense, if not with the conditions and characteristics of the worker bees. The bees built steadily until his death without asking anything in return, no hope, no motivation to do the queen bee, once more offspring for the existence of their species. This here has used religion and its various sects and denominations to depersonalize individuals making them back in their social evolution.
Some think they see in the Moqueguazo and recent events in the Amazon, as an emerging social protest, which may give indications of a change throughout the political landscape. What has happened is the most symptomatic response as when a container filled to the brim, all you can pour into the following steps have to overpass all for inertia. But that social movement is in turmoil, there must be advanced parties organized to channel the protest and subsequently directed by the directions of the release. So far what we see is the opportunism, like that of Palacin, who advanced in corillo payasin name him as, since all that moves is just money, but so devoid of mass, which many times the money it receives from the European NGOs is to buy out the hungry and desperate Indians who are not lacking, having lost its dignity. So far there is impossible to see a picture of effervescence of the popular movement and there is more advanced ruling class that is leading, in whom it was intended to believe, there are defectors in the larger betrayal and intrigue. That is reality.
Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui.

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