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domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009


We say that neoliberalism is the champion of democratic values. And by understanding this that the media are more self doubt. In this hour we are questioning this. First you check to see the stark reality of the street that slaps us harshly and trickles down our noses as persistent cold, but otherwise the average of society but indicate to the idyllic world we live in, and to some may believe that only criticize, surely we do for the itching of misfits. Who believes this is trapped in the quagmire of the middle but have caught your mind and have done a docile instrument of manipulation. That would say, but as I try. We will tell you an example that embodies all this and clarifies our thesis we hold that the reality is that we paint the media.
It happens that in Santiago de Chuco, before implementation of the Together Program, which through this program is provided as an incentive to young mothers the lowest amount of one hundred new soles, in order to leave the statistics in the quartile of the extreme poor. Well it has cracked a statistic that placed us in the countries of the queue in terms of development, but what has not been generated is dependent consumerism development unless there and I state the problem that is generating in successive generations is philanthropic dependence, but this makes for statistics only for the attention of key areas such as Health Education and its budget has been declining every year, we believe that in order to make them a more profitable sector to private sector , why the social security sector in health has been checked out, with the final collapse and after delivery to the private sector to continue to accumulate more capital and opening the gap between rich and poor.
But his vision of privatization in the health sector, has faced stiff resistance, having a well-fortified class union, which has not happened in the education sector in the hands of the leaders have been the winds of reconciliation and of crop enterprises deserve not to take away the privileges of the Magisterial Pour is petty cash to the leaders of Patria Roja. This is so they had a marriage in the government of Fujimori offender with APRA, conciliation and resistance in the preservation of their interests and consequently an understanding APRA very overlapped with the criminal Fujimori. As we see it was a string in which all three were drawn, for the preservation of their privileges, so when he saw the new General Education Act, and following their rules and their implementations, there was no resistance from the national leadership only protest sectors rose as usual, but without articulation and conservation of its own forces in the struggle ahead.
But the problems for the state every day they are growing. And such is their greed that they do not mind its alliance with the forces of drug traffickers who are in search of social recognition. Such is the case of drug Sánchez Paredes family. Do not know if they are protected not only by the State, that you already know and judiciary, but also by the U.S. and its Central Intelligence Agency, which evince for their double standards. Well no wonder about that since it is always his practice in all the world, just seems to happen with the events of September eleven each day are shadows of doubt over who were their real actors. But back to the family of drug traffickers, who boast of having the backing of the greatest powers of the world, for it also have the majority support of this government, so much so that most are named Congresswoman from their usual visitors and supporters at reports of atrocities and murders committed by this family.
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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