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martes, 14 de abril de 2009


Tupac Amaru II, Tupac Katari and Bartolina Sisa AND RELEASE Who liberated?

We must be clear that things that we must free ourselves. These are premises that are clear and to undertake not to the tomb and tombs as the last given by the professor of philosophy at the University of Huamanga which eventually accept and deny what is flying in a few decades earlier. May become suspicious and even evasive responses that can give to my sayings, but it is now up to this vision of things. What I remember and restore the historical memory of the first cries of Gabriel Condorcanqui libertarians of the Apaza Quispe, who has escaped into the folk memory of this part of the navel of the world's great Abya Yala. 228 years of efforts are never completed until the child makes of the Condor revive the real hope for our nations under the yoke of Mistis living and dying by being stolen every neighbor's son came from beyond the sea or those who cross the Rivers of Colorado. To do that we must rescue what is left out who our mother, where we generated. Of those who arrived in the big lake where the sun is born who are our true ancestors. But not only that, we must realize that we can not separate release, the signal given by the Mistis to execute and Gabriel Quispe is instructive, and they said it ran beautifully for the minds of Mistis was what made the Creole Bolivar. Separate the body parts to make it very difficult to liberate and create scabs mentally, hitherto atosigan and we are a tremendous burden that has prevented us from moving forward. To re-assemble the large body of Gabriel Quispe and Apaza and we have to destroy what we did that Creole was releasing that deception if freeing a yoke to fall into much worse than another remains to date. If we understand this will join the great body to restore the great nation of Abya Yala. Are we ready to recognize the separate bodies this problem and find the union of the body to direct the true path of our liberation? It is a question we must answer honestly who have been separated. Because the scabs that have been imposed have created a barrier that is not indestructible, if we destroy it and restart the historical path of return to our true essence which is the essence of our people. The justification for such encroachment is in our minds, that the colonizers conquered mentally, so we have ended by accepting as true, but we need to know that one off body can not function independently of each, all have to participate in the execution of the movements of life. Then it is necessary to join the parts of the body to exercise the great liberation movement of nations that comprise the great nation of our heart and our soul originates. We know that history comes to underestimate the true role of the true heroes of our independence, which does not yet, but it must come if we do not offer, such nonsense we see in their texts. But that was a process iconización in the first stage in the fascist government of the military of the 70s in the last century, which has served to make it harmless and even opportunistic mercenaries took him as an emblem, such elements were purpose, which is nothing but harmless and do sterile minds of all Indians. With Quispe and the Apaza, has been more difficult because the memory is sitting in their people and their nations, that this living hope, which can also be passed on to all the space that belonged to our ancestors. So what to do. Quitémonos all the scabs and return to the stage where we came genocidal invader and to restore our nations, the real, not imposed by the invader who acted after freedom. Túpac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui Kuna-Chinchaysuyu Kapak Andamarca-Huacapongo-Tullpo

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