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sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

Mario Vargas Llosa and the Museum of desmemoria and insult to Uchurajay

Mario Vargas Llosa and the Museum of Desmemoria an insult to UCHURAJAY

Two events are presented in the cabinet of Peruvian politics: One of them is the conviction of twenty-five years abroad which usurped power in the nation of Peru Creole being subject to another nation. The most heinous crimes allegedly committed in their fight against the rebels in arms, led him to give directives to the irrationality of murder against defenseless citizens and college students. Being apart millionaire sums for which appropriated and in which their children were educated in the best American universities with which they are shareholders of countless businesses, not even counting the money they have placed their hands on the criminals of all tax the world. The second story is more desfachatada and that has no name and that is who is also a criminal punishment, the fascist Alan García named as responsible for organizing and running the museum in memory where outlining developments in the decades of internal war that we live in our country, who has been designated in history has had a black paper. We refer to the novelist Mario Vargas Llosa. His appointment is an insult to journalists who are serious and price consistent with the truth in the country. Well this guy, I mean subject, such as the adjective that you can foist, who desfachatadamente masked the crimes they committed the intelligence Ronderos or in collusion with drug traffickers in the heights of Uchurujay. To be more precise, the journalists who were traveling, including many major newspapers in the city of Lima, to clarify many obscure facts that are attached to the police or armed forces, which were known in the city of Huamanga. The place was known by some of the journalists who lived in the same Huamanga and therefore they knew the art to which it played. It was public knowledge that they were undertaking since it was his presence anywhere. Thus, went to that location, but unfortunately there were executed, which have made it clear that those were the paramilitary forces that were hidden in the indigenous community, which is quechua speaker. Only wise to blame poor indigenous brothers who did not know that they were prisoners, they were silent not to betray the presence of paramilitaries in the community and who were the executors of a policy that would place a greater push Alan García genocidal your Rodrigo Franco Command, which later was polished and taken to its ultimate expression of the dictator Alberto Fujimori Fujimori or Kenya. Vargas Llosa was appointed a commission to investigate the events, but the only thing he is hiding all the evidence that incriminated the real culprits, that part of the truth could not hide was the bravery of many journalists who are not shy to Military power handling at whim of the ruler Belaunde, a cautious course in military power. The scenario that was put together for that purpose and for which few innocent natives of that community were found guilty, they died in prison away from their community, in foreign lands. I had the opportunity to converse with them in their original language and the sincerity with which all the facts told me made me see the black paper tube to play the cover for such a crime novelist. So I think that it has named the genocide as head of the foundation and creation of the Museum of Memory. In memory of the more than twenty years of civil war that our nation lived, not for us to want to insult every nation that is in this territory, particularly the apparent disregard for this man who make up these great nations heirs a larger, that of our ancestors. Therefore, if we believe we have the right to reject not only those who appointed him, but also who was chosen as they represent the black history. Túpac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui Kapak Kuna Chinchaysuyu Andamarca-Huacapongo-Tullpo.

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