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martes, 7 de abril de 2009

That is the phantom ancian topo deception


The ghost that travels throughout Latin America and some countries of Asia, pretendendiendonos to believe that the same scheme failed so many times is giving good results in the past when it came down to the same contradictions in his scheme, not to be the banished to the needs of the world's most dispossessed. Until our own wisdom to believe that has broken through the militaristic fascism can get into the top of the proletarian glory, taking as mentors to those who continue the tradition of rejecting imperialism and collaboration should not only be the well-worn Trotskyism. But do not think that is the old bullet in the dark of night you want to keep the broken land needs, it is quite the opposite, who are perched is the gown of our emblem of the revolution, there is crouching old imperialism who is always looking to hide in a mask to deceive the hopes of the hungry that populate the world. Thus we have, in pooling the power of the Indian republic Creole brother Evo Morales as comparsa being designed to serve the hopes of those who knock down claims to represent. If we can not interpret, and we are not referring to the uprisings of the south led by the extreme right thinks that the time has come to settle a bitter blow to our brothers who have awakened to the power of taxation in the Evo. We refer to the chagrin of the indigenous communities that are seeing their hopes broken with the intrusion of the white Creoles in power behind him. For many government decisions in Latin America were able to real confrontation with imperialism, but later on all the concessions given to the gentlemen who are in the region of Beni came the feeling that we were on a path that we had already traveled to Salvador Allende. It is impossible to reach the path of reconciliation with the enemies of class in any area it is going to take advantage of being safe and then give us zarpazo devastated, not only to us, if not what was built. And it continues this way Fernando Lugo in Paraguay or otherwise who believed in us becomes our sworn enemy as Lula in Brazil. There, all the organizations in meeting the landless are feeling betrayal in the flesh of those who at some time or was found buried in their ranks not knowing their true intentions. The same can think of the recent elections in which a former militant of the Frente Farabundo Martí traverse the same path, Mauricio Funes, I mean, that despite the claims to have created the danger by putting on their lips to a ruler flattering Obama, the same mask that we tighten the noose when necessary. Needless to say the disillusionment is that the brothers have suffered in the nation of Ecuador Creole. How frustrated in their legislature, at first excited to run under the old electoral form to try to vindicate the rights of all indigenous communities, what happened has been the worst deception that they suffered in the flesh for which they in some time supported. Therefore when a journalist raised his voice and social communicators who belonged to the ranks of Correa, establish support for the entire line correista I felt more sane as possible and claimed by the fighting that had raised in the forum where he was bourgeois, that their work had been the most sterile which she conceived. But then what is the purpose to gain electorally supposedly moderate progressive lines throughout Latin America? It is very simple: if the economic imperialism, aims to corner the real line progressive so that your coverage is discredited by the masses, and so are their efforts are in vain to raise the flags of the just claims of the indigenous peasants and the proletariat as a whole. We also experiment with other solutions such as those exercised in republiquita or narcocracia Peruvian criolla, where a energúmeno makes us believe that the crisis does not involve the wave bringing tears and hunger for the people, but its structure is more evident legal moves in the direction to execute those who dare stand up against the empire. To put this to the key post as the most distinguished corporate fascism as minister of the Interior has my rogue as a minister of education. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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