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sábado, 28 de febrero de 2009


Essence of imperialism.

Imperialism denied essentially vicious, genocidal acts that. With the attempt to disguise its essence behind the mask of Obama does not translate into hope for the millions of hungry people who die on our planet. What is done is only to disguise the true intentions of imperialism despite the countless letters of commitment from some extreme right-wing intellectuals of the Latin American community, some crouching with clothing of the true heroes of the people. Unfortunately for the brothers who gave his life for a new homeland in freedom and without hunger. So enormous that mistake. Enemy and the enemy is even more knowing that it represents the exploiting class, which can not be taken advantage of any kind. It seems that the Latin American reformism sweat shirt with his feet, which gives a very nauseating smell to their explanations. So I'm not wrong in saying that the republiquita Creole Correa of Ecuador, was merely a hoax and that boys would draw its claws at any time, the same can be said of Chavez and the sum is the puppet of Evo Morales . Imperialism can not mutate from bad to good is essentially axis of evil and all the misfortunes of mankind that are confirmed and supported by most religious denominations. Hence the mistake of a tail out of the views that Obama can represent any hope for the peoples of the world that are discussed in its fight against hunger. It was imposed by the owners of the large transnationals obeying its dictates, which do not relate to anything to improve the situation including those classes that live in the impoverished territory. This contrasts with the great waste of 471 million dollars in the campaign for the Democratic candidate, which makes us see that no matter the color, the belief that imperialism continues to impose its policy for countries that fear behind the curtain of the opulence of the living masters of the world. In the current crisis in the world and which was generated by the voracity of the schizophrenic world economic system, which makes the new North American president is to create false expectations to the world to believe that the election of a black man claiming extreme poverty of this sector in American society, and vain imagination that it falls into the elite of politics and that it has no interest or a cucumber that can pass those large majorities. Here there is no response from anywhere, not even Bob Aviakan, walking alone in their world without intellectual onanism to download anything from the clouds to be uploaded. A recalcitrant opportunist seeking to nourish their egos, trying to assert that it is in the correct line of reason. While the world is destroyed by a few of the greed of the imperialists. It has not been faced with the current neoliberal imposed on his country, is that only a maniac palabrero. That just as there are those who believe the flowers are borne only by seeing them without going to the fields carrying their seeds and fertilizers, but also with a good botellón water to support the new life that is intended to begin to hope to those without hope. But as I said, this gentleman is only office paper and adventure tourism, as a petit bourgeois is. In the same line so many representatives are some Peruvians still live ping past successes that are now extinct. At that the people did not even look jealously insisting on an attitude of struggle and anachronistic, or at your convenience have been uploaded to cart fascism. In reality they have lost their flags and their ethical and moral privileging progressive pockets for the future and their accommodation in the system. Túpac Isaac II http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com http://sapainkatupacisaacii.blogspot.com http://unespacioparalacritica.blogspot.com http://huamanpuka.blogspot.com

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