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lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008


About Mrs. Susana Villaran.

Be bold, Is allying with the enemy, making common cause?. Mrs Susana Villaran, is guilty of naive or is of the same sort of said, so it tries to conceal it and Oh! Surprisingly, the attitudes of those who know as a felon. In one of the biggest pusher who tried to reach the glory with the sacrifice of another. Or who knows as I said in a previous article, they want at all costs, leaving released, with whom he was in his political adventure, which was really a prisoner. That's why in your environment have always been the APRA as Morales Bermudez of the meat malograda, is a clear example that you could see what their intentions. Now as Premier of the Cabinet is in the attitude of putting out the fires that have been taking for the countless atrocities committed and which enables the government of Alan García. The criticism and then try to disprove it paints a full letter. It is no secret to anyone that many government organizations, are reaping political and legal gains at the expense of APRA that the judges at all costs want rid of their sentences to the genocidal Alan García and Luis Gampietri of a sentence to life imprisonment by the crimes against humanity in the killing of Fronton and Lurigancho, that episode of black aprismo, which can not be edited by more they want. Perhaps in celebration of the international socialist or bourgeois, in a rapture of the same madness Alan García and his deputy chief of its army and paramilitary Don Agustin Mantilla not execute his orders. He was not running this very personally prisoners on the island. Not be used as weapons of war to bomb defenseless prisoners with cluster bombs, banned by the conventions of using weapons of war. Despite that, for their high moral these prisoners managed to survive and carry out the orders of Alan García, both as Mantilla Gampietri cebándose in their hatred murdered political prisoners?. That is what is now protecting the Lord Yehuda Simons Munar, which dishonors the quality and morale of political prisoner, then I'm not surprised to come Dona Susana Villaran, presenting as a sanctimonious surprised at a peccadillo unimportant. As may be surprised at the inclusion of a genocidal as Nidia Vilchez, as minister of housing, knowing that this lady who incidentally is a member of a paramilitary army of APRA, which was escorting all shipments of drug trafficking throughout the country, if not from where it is understood the multimillion dollar campaigns of the ruling party in all electoral events in nature. From where pecata mine, if not the sacristy. The saying goes popular among Gypsies because we can not guess the luck. We can only think so, a gentleman in an apartment in the exclusive site in Paris, with homes in the resort beaches of the south, home in Monterrico, travel left and right, if you never work in his life just once supposedly defended the drug trafficker Porras Ardila. That Garcia. But Yehuda Simons, clever know what it is, as can be allied with some criminals, allegedly to carry out decentralization, there have been the first point is allied with an immoral government, its course and says it confirms it. We know that the APRA, provided entrance where there is corruption in bulk, but it seeks to cover the sun with a finger, it is impossible that seven spilled their normal channels to wreak havoc in the vicinity of where the legal tender of things . To give another example. Perhaps it is not a criminal Mr. Chang Escobedo, who with bad gears of appropriates the University San Martin, and that it has made a business selling titles and academic degrees, perhaps that is not this also blackmailing some members of the Court Constitutional?. A poor man without principles or intellectual level at which they offered a dean at right. Let's say this poor man who goes right to teach, whether it is the opposite to what we can say a specialist in jurisprudence. This is to see how the APRA that handles the judiciary able to infiltrate this organization by the State Criollo, knowing that there can handle and hide their trapacerías. Despite that also in the Supreme Court with a sadly under countryman Cesar Vallejo, we were able to cover all the atrocities committed by APRA in the five-year 85. To that also coludió as a firefighter the current Minister of Health, to deceive their colleagues in profession. They have learned, just hopes that the date was not crystallize, and never will, is the same thing happens to the university teachers' union, which have several months on strike, that without forceful action failed to start anything. Let's look at the core and the involve itself of this government, which is a fascist, that we are palpando with countless attempts to legally cut the legal defense of the opponents, but before any tube that criminalize social protest, has already done, and Mr Yehuda anything to put a condition that, to assume his office, at all: I am NOT going to come with that peaceful protests are not always the case that those claims were beaten by the Praetorian Guard of the national police?. In conditions that are demanded if the state uses to her bourgeois Creole to repress those who claim their rights. But to say that they will have to bring order, and so will leave with a series of arguments, which are nothing more than justification for its attitude bufalesca and his fascist government. Then Mrs. Villaran just keep up appearances by saying that he was surprised by the attitudes of Yehuda Simons Munar, current prime minister of the government Aprista.

December 15, 2008.

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