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martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008


Since the sudden and unreasonable decision of the UN, by dividing the territory to create a Palestinian state of a nation that rose from the ashes after millennia, the Palestinian brothers had been killed by the Zionist Israeli complicity with almost all nations of the world, we have seen this nation is bleeding and among the most vulnerable children has been courageous and Mothers. How many times have witnessed the massacres perpetrated by the Israelis, most of all the helpless children. Since not remember the dead children attending a school. As a teacher hurt her death and I pray that the world raise their protest against the criminal Zionists blunt, which rely on what they suffered in the fascist government of Adolf Hitler, but you have to understand that this step and step and they are making ten times what it did to them, but not with the Germans but with people who want to remove their territory, are to be appropriated from their territories and their history.
We wonder which is the UN. What is your role in these times. First there are invasions violating the sovereignty of a country with the most unlikely pretexts, without which the end to this gross invasion of the sovereignty of the nationalities. The first and most sensational, which has outraged extremely long and that is represented on the roll of shoes by the Iraqi newspaper Al ruler and causing the invasion of Iraq on the pretext of stores of chemical weapons, which later became known truth, the absence of such instruments of war. Here is a lot of responsibility, not just the same supranational body, but also the press that subjectively work for American interests. Therefore now is being questioned about what happened on September 11 in New York City. Is that the U.S. government can be sold worth a thousand arguments, all to justify their aggression against any country in the world. Allowing genocide Zionism made to disappear Palestinian people, can put a thousand excuses, a thousand justifications, all of them unrealistic, which do not conform to international law, but Unfortunately have the endorsement of the World Organization of the United Nations, and global policeman.
The free world must come out and speak. Take charge of what is happening, it is not possible for us not mourn the unjustified killing of hundreds of Palestinian children. Or is that they have less value than boys western United States. Also the American people, if you do not want to be accomplices of Zionism must genocidal rule enrostrar and their leaders what is happening. What despair, is that these events happened while blood, the world entertains in dialogue and seek understanding. Dialogue can be ordered after Israel continues to commit these genocides?. Impossible. Sees international leagues that diplomacy is an accomplice of razing of the Gaza Strip.
The mistake is to continue to position allowing Israel from the territories that history belongs to the Palestinian brothers. If Israel does not remember either from UR, Caldea ancient Assyria, in what was the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris river, which positions and tribal differences they had to move to the desert in search of pasture for their herds. Hence his pilgrimage to the territories that now form the crescent of the East. As it was a village outcast who was growing, and continue to survive in this situation had to deploy its military capacity, as most people were highly developed. So that attacks different peoples, aiming to seize their holdings and agricultural production. His errant going to as a nation rapacería, conduct that remains, and we have agreed to suspend that this situation, which would be proposed, because they want the territory should ubicárseles in the tundra of the polar icecaps. That would be one solution, since they are not owners of these territories. Beyond that the United States, they removed his pawn in the middle east and no longer sticking their noses in a sovereign nations.
Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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