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sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2008


Sane is talking about an economy that will not suffer any glimmer of affection, while most, if not in full recognition of academic economists, presidents of the richest countries in the world, talk about a breakdown of the global economy. It seemed that everyone was against the leadership of a new World leader who was destined to lead and give guidelines on how to lead an emerging country. It desgañitaba against the U.S. president-elect, his little faith in his little knowledge of economic reality that saw through the eyes of one of the biggest specialists that has emerged in humanity. Dared to predict that the economy of the Peruvian state was shielded any anomalous event in the world economy. It mofaba who dared to contradict, and even the behavior of the word first indigenous president of a state, suggesting a lack of legal education. That was the picture of a so-called President Alan García Pérez. That has left us in shame before the whole world, as an unbalanced, unable to take the reins of a country. His approach things to say to all the world leaders put us in ridicule.
This is not the first time we put in ridiculous festinadas with their behavior. The first and most recognized is its intended state of banking, which allowed the extreme right may have auditorium, the victim is made to the world and is seen as the poor of the earth, which is overwhelmed by a ruler who does not respect the fees for the rights of the people. For all this he joined the non-payment of external debt, we became the pariahs of the world. His speech gave no sense that in the famous balonazos that engatusando and making people believe that we were in the best of all worlds. Many believed in these siren songs despite the long queues to get one quarter of rice or a bag of milk above that of the leaders step fattened with APRA theft; wonder blatant theft of U.S. dollars MUC (Single Currency exchange), which could buy thousands of acres to develop their personal portfolios, or other than that of mere money selling fish in the wholesale market, which is not offense, then became wealthy businessmen in the fur industry with large modern tanneries in the north. If the list is still long, and incomodarían is true, as the old Trujillo knew who's who now may mislead many, but those who knew her humble crib, can not say they were born in the gold, but if you had the chance to steal and funding agencies to secure their future without any problems.
The second is their reaction furibunda who intends to make shade, and so this is temporary or the display of his image by the media, as was the kick that propi9no similar to a humble worker, laborer, proletarian it cross on their way to be seen in the press. That term denotes a lot of mental health. I do not pretend to justify or put me on the side of the opposition and wants to call his brothers and Ollanta Humala, in any way. Since in our country there is no opposition. Everyone is a semblance of their intentions to fatten your wallet, to take a different future as promised by the current ruler, but not for the people, if not for a small group who have always managed our destinations at your leisure. To change color, which are created or are politically persecuted genocidal all are equal, and what they really want is to be able to continue the looting. It's the same way that gives us Ollanta, Antauro, the left of any denomination. They have never been coherent response to the bloody reality that our society lives in this state.
Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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