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martes, 6 de enero de 2009


The meaning of revisionism mentioned as intent to overcome or avoid the application of the principles of a doctrine or viewpoint of the paradigm. Here we have to start outlining the intent of the person who applies the theory as part of his intention to overcome or avoid the application of the principle, but by doing so pure, but is intended to promote the intentions of the individual personal which aims to make such use. They are far from encouraging to subjects as a group without exception or to some special features that distinguish .. We must make known that revisionism is not only in the fields of Marxism, but also in the field of liberalism, the foundation of the last stage of imperialism in its phase of globalization of the world exploitation.
It should be understood that the review because of the Marxist camp, as the Liberal Party, which is not intended to prove the truth that holds the paradigm of their vision, if not the dark intentions personal content, which is presented as a purist way to bringing this truth to the present historical circumstances, or sometimes discuss the conditions under which events should be for this event that can sustain the truth of the paradigm, a clear example is supporting "The accumulating strength to go to the revolution "as a phrase that is taken by the cliché revisionist left in Peru. If we find this theory of accumulation of forces and their relationship with the convening power it has. Actually his theories, if giving the opportunity to use the muscles of laughter. In Peru, the convening power of the left is a journey of over less. Before the strikes called by the central mass of workers were at the stage of 2008, twenty-first century, these places have become empty, in which elderly people are with their time trying to give encouragement banners without the hope that more will more than a century of accumulation of forces, but their intentions are negative. Their enemies are both sneered that sent a mockery of their alleged association biggest protest movement, the number of police units which have shown the strength that has the right neoliberal in Peru. The same scenario is experienced in the Peruvian provinces, where the orphan is such that you really should shame them and not try to create so-called representative organizations for the purpose of social forces appear to have not. Some are so Tozudos not think that the masses who have given up looking for both. And they have organized as a forum to present, but what they see is that their mere presence is causing discomfort to the masses. That left to fend for treason committed. It is necessary to comment on a recent protest event guild, where the flag of a teachers' union, began their move on a massive protest. They believed that the masses were favorable to them and urged further inflamed the chanting chorus of protest, finally stopped in the main square of the city, which they believed to be able to exploit their local perennial candidate is launched with its usual peroration. The mass was removed by providing it as fast, leaving them alone with their flags in their desperation had already infiltrated the university for use in moving these purposes, which also was under protest. What is that place should be divided into three groups and even fourth group. A very first dwarfed its support to help the leaders who were left orphaned by the masses, another group, who are believed to protest protest, just and non-union or trade union politics. A third group affiliation Aprista trying to bring water windmills, trying to disguise his disastrous national universities by step and finally a more clear distinction, and the trade union and political reality of the contest.
A second event that we must address, but later in time basis on the need for thorough and left the neoliberalism of power. While neoliberalism deny it with his acolytes in the use of violence to continue holding it, with the collapse of its economic and social paradigms are using this measure. The series of emergency decrees having issued the genocidal Alan García, they are showing that there is no doubt to criminalize social protest and speak throughout the entire course of dialogue, when that does not exist as such. The previous position as this is based mutually clarify if not both, will be impossible to sustain as a Marxist, which can not be said of the local leftists. Very different is the neoliberalism that have very clear, so use your entire system for further sustained in power as the main basis of its ideological paradigm. What it does is bring all the actors in the conflict to their land, as in military strategy if the enemy enters your domain is easier to get the victory and the subjection of the enemy. This is what the revisionists can not understand this century, which in reality is as we said at the beginning, is not of interest to it, or, when they did not live on the crumbs that might give those who hold it. This can be perceived in the government of Salvador Allende who was unable to impose his reforms, precisely because it reforms, such as to allow the water they need to take respite neoliberalism and to counter enemy positions. What led him to his government by the rule is beaten in an attempt to retake their positions there. This has been a blow to the positions of the most destitute. That same role now falls to Lula Da Silva of Brazil the new ruler, who can not sustain, or even name the major reforms that his country needs to provide new and better opportunities for the landless and unemployed, that list is very long and extensive there. So far it has not been able to do anything, no transformation, and it is difficult to be in power that have economic, political and military willingly leave it to the majority are managers of their future. Thus there is no payment of government capacity in the areas of advanced or popular. It is the discrediting of the interests of the people, what is at stake, but those sectors which are supposed lucid, just play to their personal well-being and not the interests of the majority.
As is clear these are the elements that revisionism both left and right moves, not with the aim to practice the theory, but on the contrary play delegitimize their own positions. As such elements are harmful to society's development and improvement of the great majorities. What to expect everything? I think we play a vital positions advanced in its transformation under the negative into a positive, what is wrong with good for the interests to be defended. The other thing is to see clearly that the new positions are in the world, such as the correlation of forces and the latter is to determine when facing Peruvian society and to which enrumba, as the new global crisis faced Cape tail to our economy does not bring good winds, the opposite will be years of tremendous turmoil, which will bring new positions for those who dare to want to maintain the positions of change.
Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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