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domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011


Once again, the spree electoral farce and circus mounted by imperialism in collusion with their lackeys dressed in the most varied of our local fauna. As has also helped us out once and see bands that are essentially made many longtime progressive dial. All have run like lap dogs after the bone that imperialism is taking to Animate the circus and the people are not aware they have to fight to snatch the far right and his accomplices now so violated their rights and contained by the left concealing that only seek to vegetate and live on the crumbs that gives the class enemy who must be liquidated.

I remain disappointed some who thought very consistent in the fight, but now trailing after the desired bone, miserable rag that the class enemy gives his henchmen to be content and follow deceiving the people and be faithful stewards of their old rotten state.

Especially one with whom we share the hardest hits that gave us our class enemies in jail, which cost him the tears and the life of her mother, who followed us to where we ordered reaction in order to domesticate and defend ourselves rights of prisoners of war and political prisoners. I no longer remember the cold under twenty degrees in the high security prison Challapalca where we were sent to those who know to die, do not remember that we did our blankets clothing to withstand the intense cold and we ate it almost We had bread and water, for those who know and die, because we were without regeneration, useless for his old state, all compliant to support slavery that keep our people and the gift of natural resources to the imperialist enemy.

He does not remember that our enemy Toledo and his minister of Justice inculturated sent us with his secret police killed in the prison of the miracle and that if it were not for revolutionary brothers now we were underground, because that was the slogan that was given to giving can not follow him to his old state.
I do not believe in this state, it is a state of dictatorship, much more in the current government is more criminal organization and other criminal organizations also aim to see if they take power to crush our people at any time up to protest defend their rights and their ancestral lands, or perhaps the APRA, is not the criminal organization that has eroded to the bone to call Peruvian society.

How many are sentenced for corruption that has now passed the borders of all the glasses?. Nothing is designated as the principal Mr. James, do not expect to prescribe their crimes to return to their old ways, also his companions, "When they have been prosecuted by the recent scandals discovered? This lengthening is not in collusion with the judiciary which is also infiltrated by the mafia APRA. Is not it also true that an American citizen is running for president of the republic, possibly to strengthen the looting of our wealth by the transnationals who see our country as booty. The latter gentleman has teamed up with two Indian misogynist, a Chinese evangelical Tusan and a traitor to the organizations up in arms. Nor is the gift you want to process gas from Camisea, Peru that the gas we pay the world's most expensive home, despite being the change we produce the same product exported to Mexico to the minimum of its value. So Mexicans pay cheaper gas Peruvians, however that Mr U.S. is not being processed.

And others tell us, some who laid down their flags, to see if little something to win a seat, or that Democrats look bad also, having been the incendiaries of yesterday, today turned into fire and lapdogs of the empire to tame the people to fight for their rights.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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