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jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011


By: Ariel Colmenares

On 30 April at the Casona de San Marcos XII was held on the anniversary of the pro-Castro group Student Integration. Twelve years of dealing in student protests and corporatize, a fascist way, as a group in their path and distort Marxism. The meeting was conducted by a panel composed of leaders of groups controlled bureaucratically by IE. Among the artists "popular" in July attended Takanamanta Humala and Duo; the last vocalist (Willy Barreto), who proclaims himself a "Marxist", it was before the birthday of the reactionary foquista Victor Polay Moyobamba Club in 2009.

Student Integration, a group of students and former students pro-Castro, celebrated its twelfth anniversary with a meeting that clearly demonstrated to be a group that develops in the law and that under the pretext of unity converge with the most reactionary and anti-communist parties known of the legal left.

This group has undertaken since its inception, a highly bureaucratic work in the student movement and has served in recent years to support reactionary bureaucratic shell patriarrojistas today as leaders claim that enrolled in the public record with name FEP (Federation of Students of Peru). The double talk and the demagogy of their leaders have only served to undermine the work that today's real class consequential students undertake in the process of reconstituting class of PF.

The history of this group dates back to the late 90: The crisis of the official left, the decomposition of the state and the betrayal of people's war for his leadership allowed them to break into the student movement, but this group was not born with In order to reconstitute the class dispersed student movement and retreat, but to kill it. While initially did not converge with the official left by the bad reputation that this was before the masses, his springboard to fame was his alliance with the right led by Toledo, which is why, they say, could defeat the dictatorship. Since then started with the same behavior as the official left: support a candidate of the bourgeois reactionary, when in crisis leave and demand a new government, and so passed his useless existence under a double standard, winning federal centers, fighting always consistently against any proposal to raise the struggle against the Peruvian state and the demands of the student movement with a strong organization and revolutionary perspective. The content of your speech is a real salad: To win people to knock you claim to be Marxist and anti-Patria Roja, but behind them converge with Patria Roja, the reactionaries will show his true colors reactionary, so so attract the support of both bodies of students. Its status, full of prohibitions and requirements of subordination, is clear evidence of dementia that characterizes authoritarian leaders.

Currently controlled maintained various groups within universities and to establish their organizational credibility have "reconstructed" the student associations of the UNAC and UNI, which is clearly reactionary and anticommunist, rebuilding a base means nothing to restore it the champazo and without taking into account the type of frames and bases that will have, they do not want to reconstitute class and rebuild the party unless Mariátegui; well organized, not revolutionary perspective and adhering to it all kinds of reactionary students and under bureaucratic leadership that subordinates (at your own status) and directs them to struggles in perspective of upholding the rule ideologically and to join forces with the most reactionary hordes of parasitic official left, the same regimes that cooperated with Fujimori and Montesinos mafia .

In the event, Pink rods, current secretary of IE, made clear the ideological eclecticism of his sect, said "We must unite with the parties," but more interesting were the greetings that these parties and groups he was sent to IE for its anniversary, this is clearly noted the class character of many groups claiming to be leftist, socialist and contrary to the traditional left. Among the major groups included the MNI (New Left Movement) Red Patria electioneering invention, the RSP (Revolutionary Socialist Party) trend Velasco and former member of United Left, a phantom PCP "reconstituted" (excision of the PC unit) who greeted and wished the same Rosa rods. Then came the praise and compliments to IE Rods Rosa read in a document: Mayor Bruno Mendieta, FOCEP youth leader, I sent a written greeting on behalf of FOCEP, old Trotskyist party electioneering also invited. Then the opportunistic movement greeted José María Arguedas, and to the Alpha and Omega movement, which supposedly had a reputation for seriousness in the fight, he sent greetings and wished success. The funniest thing was that Rosa rods read a greeting from the ML-19 (Liberation Movement July 19) that is not nothing but a shell formed by the same thugs IE, ie a greeting is sent to themselves. But something really outrageous is that they also have been entrenched in the ICC (Coordinator Impunity) today corporatized by IE group, whose leader Cantoral Vanessa, daughter of slain anti-Maoist Saul Cantoral, after greeting IE, gave a speech full of ambiguous and metaphysical language which replaced the class struggle for "social struggles."

Also noteworthy speeches of other leaders of IE and Juan Carlos Arana, ACUNIA representative, who blatantly said "we have to organize the peasant patrols." Enver León, secretary general of legalized SITRAUSM (Union of Workers of the University of San Marcos) made her apology to the mystique. Juan Carlos Mark of the Student Federation of the UNI, after speaking of the "reconstruction" of the federation, made apology to the "national liberation."

Or replacement of the term class struggle for the "social struggle" or "reconstruction" rather than rebuilding, and the organization of the peasant patrols, or "national liberation" outside the class struggle, nor mysticism are expressions of the struggle for the emancipation of our class but reactionary expressions, but especially the glorification of the mystique is nothing other than a clear expression completely fascist.
It was obvious to cancel the debate at first said they would take and immediately had been unmasked by the real Communists and progressives who had infiltrated the meeting. The reactionaries as they can not debate with arguments, claims and bullying need to impose their metaphysical, or as they say "we need patriotic mysticism."

The strange thing was that a bearded, smelly Dante Castro did not give his usual speech known.

At the end made a toast with liquor, which shows his love of filthy drunk, own around Castro. The guest artists music went from being played no covers of sambas and huaynos old, clearly shows its essence conservative antiartistic, unable to compose new music and rebellious.

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Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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