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martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010


Since its first rays was appearing the Taita Wilkes, who woke up to Yatiris, Huamanis and Villac Humu. Just as the Capac. Acllas kicked out voices and started to wake up to other people and were quick to turn on the stove to prepare the cushal for visitors and other people to prepare for the pilgrimage to Icchal and then to the Apus and Anahuanca Shulkahuanca.

While Yatiris and other visitors were washed with hot water in the water jet, known as the Loro water that sits on top of Andamarka in conjunction with the Capac, the rest hurried to make the cushal and milkapa, as well as preparing the cocaine, the animals for offerings to Katequil and Apus. All were traveling too hasty, knowing that visitors do not mince words and would bother unless they were very diligent in all things.

When they returned the Capac with visitors of the bathrooms and found everything ready and sat down to serve them and their side the cushal limpet with kancha and toasted nunas kallana. All rushed to consume the material presented.

Acllas took the little one to sit with his father and with visitors. She stood before them and sang the songs of their ancestors, and in mid-song, all present shed tears, as the gentle voice had carried to the earliest times of their ancestors and longed to return to those that were happy with customs. When jumping and jumping roamed the roads and fields of corn, eating their kanchita and NUnit, without having to ask anyone, they all had in abundance.

8. Kushal or Cushal: soup in the morning you take breakfast.
9. MILKAPA: food for the road.
10.LAPA: Wooden dish
11.Olla to roast corn and beans known as ñuña.

To be continued ...

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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