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viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010


... As the gentle voice had carried to the earliest times of their ancestors and longed to return to those that were happy with their customs. When jumping and jumping roamed the roads and fields of corn, eating their kanchita and NUnit, without having to ask anyone, they all had in abundance.

They finished eating and gave orders to Yanas of Mollebamba to enlist the flames and the litter that would travel all. They did and went to present to tell them that everything was ready for the pilgrimage to the oracle at the temple Katequil Icchal. Everyone took their litter, but the flames were out and Alpakas for offerings that would, at his side as guides were the Yanas of Mollebamba. This was one of only Llacta Yanas. They had lost the status of Runes for missing Tawantisuyu laws certainly had stolen, lied or be lazy. For this had been sentenced to Yanas status meant nothing at all, only life were respected.

Started to go all the entourage, it was a caravan, as when in ancient Sapa moved to go to a Huaca, an Apu or a shrine to pay their respects to the deity. The ancient warriors were silent on the convoy, carrying in his saddlebags the milkapa would use the days that would be in the Apu Icchal to make offerings to the Taita Katequil.

The runes Muykan past him, saluted him raising his hands as a sign that she does well on his journey, the closest to the road, they offered chicha from which the community is very famous, others have reached them with ñuña or taleguita popcorn. In the community when they saw a traveler passing, I reached some food and drink, which was prepared in the community. They continued along the road and it was sighted Chakomas community that had once been the fiercest warriors of the nation Cullie and were faithful to the Sapa Inca Huascar. Now they are engaged in wood carving to weave a beautiful chairs that were sold throughout the quartermaster and even were worn by many escutcheons to the capital of the viceroyalty.

As I was passing the entourage all stopped and stood up to greet the procession, some very daring they had small chairs and couches as an offering to the beautiful Shumaj Huambra, who loved much, because they were under the command of Kachulla Capac, who they wanted as well, as he defends the abuses of the Priests who raped their daughters and pregnant and they had to keep raising the little ones had procreated.

Later in the home of a famous warrior and merchant, who was called Muchukayda. It was formed in a single row along with his family to put faces to the ground and beg all the Apus, Temples and Deities of all the heavens to be restored to life they were accustomed to all people, before they came the Damned escutcheons. The cursed all the time why the Spanish and took refuge in that part of the Comarka of Chakomas, easily accessible to the Priests and Flanges. His small house was like a small fort, apart from his numerous offspring who were told by more than a dozen. He kept waving to their ability, together with his family and approached the little girl to give many colored stones and Nunit roasted corn, telling her: excuse you, my girl, the poverty of this rune.

The little girl, she smiled and in his small voice said: Thanks tatita Muchu. Asked to get off the bunk and looked to the large volume Yanas, seeking their approval. With gestures he gave them to understand who agreed the request of his daughter, and she did so with his little legs Muchukayda Valiant approached the to hug and make you get up from where he knelt. Tatita Muchu, Tatita Muchu hug him and repeated to him.

The tearfully received the embrace and say: Chirapag of our people, You will be the mother of the new Condor and your nested within the true master of our peoples and nations. Small Chaska You are the hope for the condor to be born again, that Mother Keel, Grand tata Wilka and help protect you in the light of our peoples and nations, the big car that runs from Chakomas quiruvilkas, to the great Amaru's Tablachaka safeguard and help you.

Having said that the warrior took on small arms and took her where the litter was Yanas.y to put him in his seat, but not before again prostrate on the ground, asking all Apus protect the small Shumaj Huambra, Chirapag Chaska and the hope of rebirth in the Andes.

After this brief tribute to the Chakomas in person from the warrior Muchukayda, all continued their journey, in every community receiving the homage, both Capac and his young daughter. Llaray went through, where they were joined by Yatiri guarding the shrine Icchal and accompanied with his family.

They walked along the road, and at the foot of Apu, only followed the path which should, under the Runes and Yanas, so the Capac took his daughter in his arms to continue the journey through the steep mountain road in a huge , whose path is carved in stone and that ends where you only see clouds throughout the year, where he says he dwells the Great Katequil, protected by the clouds and the water turns into stone. They say that since there communicates with his younger brother and other Apus Shulcahuanca that are in the other Huaranga of Cullie.

From the road you could see the mighty Puma pampa Cullie guarding the south, as did his brother who had the hat Champara water turned to stone. The Cullie of Coronguimarka provided every year after the festival of Inti Raymi out of their districts to pay their respects and leave their offerings. They came out with their Panataguas and Pallas. The Pallas, which were the most beautiful huarmis were left as offerings to the powerful Champara and so did the Puma Apu Sihuasinos pampa. It was always customary for the Sapa Inca Apu take one of the most beautiful women of the Pallas and Quiyayas, besides dancing beautifully and the rhythm of the snoring, should fall in grace to his lord, all in memory when Apu Sapa Inka Tupac Yupanqui conquered these territories many suns ago, they were countless fingers all Cullie runes. The fierce warriors he faced, entrenching themselves in their cities, but control wise they remove water from their regions who were ingenious aqueducts to supply water to the highest of them.
The sources of water knowing the cut control, and so they and their Capacs Sinchis and surrendered before he dies any rune in their communities and to grace the Sapa Inca Apu and not command them to kill, because he had heard it was very fierce with their enemies, commanded his daughters who were the most beautiful to dance before the Inca.

They danced very beautifully, having the Inka love with the two girls who belonged to both the Chuco guaranga as the Guaranga of Conchucos. Of course the main Llacta of Conchucos was Coronguimarka and the Chuco was Aque.

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Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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