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domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

The Peruvian justice stinking of death DESCOMPUESTO

The Peruvian justice stinking of death DESCOMPUESTO

When we mentioned that Justice is insane and prevaricating, we are as fair and descriptive of what is happening in this state power. We can not take less, but if further increased, the dimension in which it is found that looks like a Kafka story. It is unlikely as it is used to twist the law and accommodate the particular interests of those who hold and are found in power handling. Some pretend to believe that we are justifying the actions in Andahuaylas, which is not true. What we are questioning is the use of power for picking on who gets up at some point to draw attention and continues to live the status quo in this republic or narcorepubliqueta. We're not wrong to speak of narcorepubliqueta. For all the clothes are torn by what happened with the former employee, Nancy Obregon, who was found with several kilos of drugs. APRA does not realize that they hide with four keys highest relations with the main areas of drug trafficking. Have so far been quiet inquiries to the Sánchez Paredes family, which in less than five years in 1985 soared to become the greatest potentates and have thousands of companies, from only being used in some poor farms of arredantarios finances Mollebamba Tulp in the department of La Libertad. Growth has been so dizzying that nobody in the world exists as precise fate. There is no such probability, that alone gives the drug and APRA has helped to have that luck. The second in this intricate that the judiciary has contributed to its huge size range stench was the prescription of crimes against humanity committed Gabriel Alan Garcia Perez in the 80s with the death of more than three hundred killed on his orders . Now today is the contribution of Beatriz Merino, the Ombudsman, to disguise the genocide of the brothers Wampis Awajun and the curve of the devil, but what has filled the cake with cherries is the sentence of Antauro Humala by venal and liars court that has been subjected to the orders of political power. There are no guarantees for the Majority of the people to rebel against government abuses of human rights and the seller or darling of natural resources is being uncovered as the conduct that had the Minister Pedro Pablo, who held the post in which economy and allowed to establish contracts harmful to our state, but very lucrative for the transnationals. First with the brazen theft of any sale of state enterprises, whose funds have gone to tax havens in Asia for good fortune of the children and descendants of the family of Fujimori, is followed with the gift of all natural resources to multinationals, which very well have rewarded middlemen, such as has been heard in the petroaudios, where an employee of the Service as are Romulo Leon Alegria and partners dedicated themselves to represent the cream of the Dome APRA . Being rewarded with juicy economic privileges. And amid all this that has made the judiciary? Absolutely nothing. That is the sad reality. Rather, this expanding and already are seeing many signs of corruption that point to Alan Gabriel and all his cronies are being removed. To do the same judiciary is putting his grain of gold to cover the indefensible. The same is true for example that the Provincial Prosecutor in a fit of value venture to submit the complaint against the real culprits of the curve Matanzas Devil in Bagua. Was immediately shifted and admonished for the same Prosecutor's Office. In doing so we are giving to know where this entrenched corruption, respects nothing. I think this implies that the restructuring should be accompanied with the political and ideological struggle in the universities where they are training future judges do in the Arriva and opportunism, economic climbing easy. Is that this is what has influenced encystment in all faculties of law by the APRA, the main virus corruption, which involves and corrupts everything in its path. Both Fujimori, APRA and the extreme right are the plague of locusts that devastate what little dignity that society can bear. The question of what to do?. It is the dilemma now. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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