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jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009




The truth, as an essential element in the description of reality is always relative. It depends on the design from which to look at the subject. If it's objective, its description will try to approach the same reality according to the sensations presented to it senses. If it is subjective, fears and fears influence their description, it will prevail because all their emotional and behavioral maladjustment to see reality. Yet we can also say that reality is not static, it evolves according to factors that may be the time trials, or the internal movement of the same reality. In short this will not occur in the same way at the same time interval. The question is: Who are you? Therein rests the balance and respect in the acceptance of knowledge. To come this introduction? A simple thing. We believe that history has evolved since the fourteenth century that ruled the Holy Inquisition. In which sought to exterminate, to everybody who disagreed with the official line that religion presented as truth, but it now has its historical antecedent in the burning of the first world was Alexandria library. The enemies of knowledge have their source of inspiration there, the enemies of change, of being enemies of the movement are there from where they are born and those who hate the truth and the light of things. In Peru we had the rivals as Zañartu Esparza chasing up anything that had color red, if I could have removed even the word and the range occurring in the red. Then we had that command Javier Alva Orlandini burn all libraries in Peru's books talk about socialism, Marx and substitute everything. Already in the nineties in the twentieth century we had the latest Nero and genocide as it was political or Kenya Alberto Fujimori Fujimori, who ordered to burn the whole library of the National University of Education Enrique Guzmán y Valle, better known as the " Cantuta "and such was his delirium and psychological deviation first destroy the Local command that read the books in the library and eventually kill those who read such books promptly and those who incited them to read. That is the background that we find in our national history. For the above does not surprise us because at the onset of the Book of Lord Guzman, everyone jumps to their feet as if by a spring. They speak of praising terrorism, as a proverb says, talk of terrorism terrorists. Were not the APRA who committed genocide in 1986, when it killed nearly 400 political prisoners in prisons in Lurigancho, the Fronton and Santa Barbara. Lately the genocide of tens of Awajun and brothers at the hands of police Wampis Mestizos. Not to mention the hosts Fujimori, whose leader emptied coffers virtually all to take them to Asian havens for ill-gotten fortune to save, part of the genocide committed by the Colina paramilitary group and its genocide in Canto Grande in 1992. So who are the terrorists?. Are not they, who through their constraints to the media mislead people to believe their siren songs, no truth without the great development and economic stability of our country, being quite the opposite? But that's not essential of the problem. What is essential is their intolerance of that event or thing that interferes with their dogmatic truth, if they think that's the truth. Then that sustain and therefor, without coercion or political persecution to which they are so used to those who disagree with their truth, it is their truth, my truth is not, nor is the truth of the rest. But another thing is that the Constitution, which endorsed them despite being fraudulent and occur in a very dark, for freedom of opinion and dissemination of ideas. So, what is happening now is nothing but the rantings of those who can not sustain its political and ideological defeat, but covered with the force of arms and sustaining power of the mercenary armies believe they have the truth. As the battle against the Lord Guzman, who does not endorse, nor condone, had given the fight through his position, his ideas. There is the struggle, and not rely because it has the power to subjugate the have-nots, that shows his ideological and philosophical inability to hold their positions. Or is that their positions will be stripped to a philosophical debate in which they can not prove its truth, if not the complete opposite will undress in all its dimensions. The fact that the Minister of Justice, the Lord Alan Gabriel Garcia Perez and many members of Congress of the Republic is persecution because of the ideas that Mr. Guzman argues, not politically come to fight the ideas it supports. What constitutes offense of constitutional infringement, so it should be reported for that offense to the Minister of Justice to the President of the Republic to be dismissed for violating the constitutional rights to which every person is entitled. Like it or are we like the ideas of Mr. Guzman, he is respected, but if you do not share one, that have to pursue why. Just the opposite is our lowliness and our inability to fight and sustain our position, if we believe that ours is the truth. Before all these events is to denounce not only the Minister of Justice, the Prosecutor and the congressmen who supported this nonsense, but also the prosecutor who received the complaint for violation of Constitutional rights, like it or not God has the right Guzman to enjoy what you Aprofujimontesinista constitutionally protected. Ojala also did not prosecute me? Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui. Tupac Isaac II http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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