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lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009


Ollanta DEFEAT IN SECURE Elections 2011.

And some political groups in the growing despair at the impossibility of making people believe that the wheels of mills, especially those mills such as those in Holland are very good for Communion. All if not even the thought that at some point in the right direction, as progressives have missed their way and on course to be desperately discussed further in the mire omnimonioso. There are at fault the whole litany of leaders of good offices in their leaders have not, partly because it was the tail of the van all governments in office since their share in national politics. But the main problem is that we have a trauma center in order to be leader of any organization in national politics, must belong to any strata of social or economic power, which has parameters of any way to defend the interests of class. Here we have belonged to Jorge del Prado one of the leading families had a place in the contemporary history of the nation, whose role in the contemporary scene, but nothing to justify revisionism of the Russians, who became attrition of the movement political advance with the consequent loss. Where found? Only to weaken the labor movement nationally, with all the struggles and sacrifices they had to lift to gain rights and social protest fly platforms. That is not what he said in his epitaph on his scaffold, because that is the game that you play to the social struggles of our country. If we continue with Javier Diez Canseco, is the same path it has followed, which of course is the long term results of their destruction of a progressive alternative in national politics. If we continue with more, and we will not have to reopen old wounds is not the time, if we rather to say that the company is now not want to foist the most convenient, for some very clear reasons to be into account. First you take into account: Ollanta latifundary is the son of a landowner to manage his property or latifundio the feudal system of the Andes, whose effects we saw in many stories it right where their ancestors were responsible for making known to all population. The same road is the conduct of the wife of the candidate who has the air of a Marie Antoinette at the Palace of Versailles, having risen to the clouds beyond the temples where they should not have it. A second brother and a father with an air of renewed fascist, which said that road would lead the future government of a candidate's image and composure. Third having a mentor who is highly discredited in all plots of the true progressive men by their cunning and treachery that can, when you see that the boat has no salvation. Fifth Ollanta know it explains what Mother Mine, despite what happened in the courts which have used all sorts of tricks and closed out of the legal process and the truth. Apart from the huge income that has his wife, which ultimately is nothing more than financing their aspirations by the neofascist Chavez. Is essentially the same picture of who is funding their activities. But the conclusion is that Ollanta not the just aspirations of the people, not only by his past, but also for things that present much to explain, besides being surrounded by very top, and review of the entire hair color, does not present a consistent image for the entire population. Apart because we do not believe that the owners of Peru, let him approach the government, which would be a disaster as a government to monitor the interests of the transnationals and imperialism. As well take care Lossio Castaneda, Lourdes Flores, Keiko Fujimori or the cock of the covered aprismo, who is in case your favorite Keiko Fujimori lost the election. Nor do you a disservice to the pool surrounded by his opportunism as an expression of diversity. With this we are taking a picture of what is and who commit the same mistakes he made in his first time as a candidate, partly because they did not believe in elections, being driven by powerful groups that are entrenched in our country since 1824 , passing several hundred are still sucking the teat, but now with the employee García Pérez, and will continue with its more student Keiko Fujimori. May 2009. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui Tupak Isaak II Kapak KUNA Chinchaysuyu - Andamarca - HUACAPONGO - TULLPO

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