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miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

freedom of press and ALAN FACISM APRISTA 2009

FREEDOM OF PRESS AND ALAN Fascism Aprista 2009.
BY Túpac Isaac II.
A black cloak hangs over the whole region, is only the introduction of far-right fascism personified APRA in stores, for which it should in the Attorney Alan García, a dark figure who unwittingly was confirmed as president after make the people suffer the collapse of memory and not remember his past that led the ruling in question and which is now entrenched in the current government. Has left many steles with which it is now confirmed their position and their conduct towards the just aspirations of the people, but it did in its first government, whose crimes against humanity have not been punished or investigated by the venal complicity judiciary and genuflexo APAN. Now at present has been dedicated to putting barriers to violate people's rights to all their just demands that many called for the criminalization of those claims, just to lay a blanket of impunity for the crimes being committed by this government hands. There are the just demands and claims of respect for the rights of native communities of the Amazon are not heard and that none of the more extreme Right rancio Peruvian National Unity as the aprismo Fujimorism and genocidal. Ignore international conventions that were ratified by a number of congressional directives. The most unforgivable is the complicity of many who claim to defend the cause of our people. What is salvageable Congresswoman Supa and guest bed that touched the finger on the problem, well known by all, which also pointed to the petro audios, which are now in fourth impenetrable silenced by corrupt judiciary, where is the most entrenched corruption Aprista grenade. What I mentioned in the cycle is not the pure truth of what is happening in the country, which makes the Alan and his entourage, who do not believe you can not see. As if the league is in the eyes of the people. When these gentlemen have worked to hold such huge fortunes? How to do if they think they can cover with his chubby fingers, full of death and children of residents of the village. Also with this example, and his henchmen want to undo in the regions, especially those soldiers infiltrated the education sector of its former militants Rodrigo Franco Command, which was created with letter of marque for their misdeeds with the money of the people . His latest feat, only to put in some journalists on notice that they do not see the dark intentions that this ruling has become a tyranny of the extreme right, and that while judicial proceedings were elucidated with the ineffectiveness of the judiciary is at some point of lucidity was disgusted by themselves, their venal conduct, which were contrary to the rights of many workers in a television channel that was in the hands of a slave and master slave. As is Delgado Parker. But the forces of its political arm zarpazo in tax to step out to become a mass medium, not because he is bothered by its political line, but rather to give a hand to his buddy, former owner of the latter half, I was a hair away and stop being a prisoner in the command. But this has not been seen as the problem really is, because according to his own words states that this is a new form of interference by the Superintendency of Tax Administration to get funding and do not have many debts, and we ask, which is the tax exemptions that allow maliciously forados huge environmental problems and their generous gifts of natural resources to the northern hemisphere. In this if we can say that you do not hear father was silent on the four winds, to everyone's liking the new conquerors and looters who come to get richer at the expense of our well-being.
June 2009.

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