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miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009



This is a very popular: Giving time to time. How can even say that there is no evil that can last one hundred years, which only justifies the inaction of those who do not want to assume responsibility for their criticism. Sometimes the questions round here, in our analysis, which may be interference in the deepest desires that the subject is intended to achieve any objectives in the shortest time for despair to see their targets. But in a crowd, that interest is played, or maybe there is a consensus or a mixture of intentions and only converge to a single interest. The detail is to be alone without feeling confident to do with the common interest which all converge. How to validate this claim at first glance that we can present the facts. And is that the intentions of each individual subject in a crowd, are a suggestion, the subject may join a consensus to where this may be the direction of interest, but if this comes at a time to aim to lose its purpose, its behavior conduct or cause to be diverted from the general direction for enrumbar towards another direction, one could surmise that we might want to support us. Now, how do you sustain the behavior of masses? Paramountcy has an interest in directing the conduct of these bodies or are led by communicating vessels, where is the medium or means for such communication. It may be that the communication of the message motivating behavior does not reach all the masses. So how to make this reach. The message will be true motivation of behavior, because if not you may cause aversive behavior toward who deliver such a message. This understanding into how to manage the message motivating the behavior of the masses. We can say that the message is a subliminal element to generate a component used to direct the behavior of the masses. If we put the most emblematic example: First look Fujimori as the Lord, having been president of the republic and ruled with the stigma of having overrun all the schedules and come to the country's biggest corruption, can still be followed by groups of people who are even proposing to her daughter as a future president of the republic, even more justified when the plug and dishonest conduct of this character in Peruvian politics. It seeks to justify the unjustifiable with phrases like: but if all the governors steal, but at least he has made many works. What they see is that the works were made to justify the friends of the government to take advantage of an easy money with the alleged deeds. For example, we have no works that have lasted even two years or maybe less. There have been no allegations that this Sabbath of theft have bitten many people and especially of the upper strata made fortunes that have moved to other countries. Here is the point we want you to log in analysis, as the people can still relate to this type. Arguably, it is strange, almost like wanting to justify their own suicide, his own death is something sadistic. You take pleasure in the pain. Is the Peruvian society in a psychiatry masses? One could say that is an inconsistency in the mental health of wanting pleasure with the pain itself. The same can be said of the Government of Alan García Pérez, a pilferer led a band of good manilargos, which again is governed and which ultimately is emerging a series of compromises of corruption at the highest level of the fields government. But if we look at its previous government and this man put to their base instincts around the economic management of our country and take advantage of an alleged political persecution, not to be tried for their crimes of all kinds committed. We wonder, but he was re-elected. Many would say that the sea was lower, but the circumstances are telling us that one of the biggest ills of our country is living. Each day that passes is emerging as the pus that is rotting in the government of the day. The voracity with which an act is unrestraint have to resort to slow down any dissent in court, to have learned so much from their teachers at the American Central Intelligence; methods bordering on terror. To justify the use of legal psychology winners apart is the only way they can take to achieve a majority and to cope with large populations and extensive, his weapon is so effective that all psychological beings in this country to walk in fear of their own thoughts. The panic engendered was such that individuals are impersonalized are mere puppets in a theater of tragedy consummated, that believe they have succeeded in extracting a concession to his executioner, all you have gained is the time to continue extending its venal agony. The most tragic and comic at the same time it is heard many times, good if you want alguito we have, even something worse would have been nothing. The language reflects fear of change, preferring servility of those who rely on their fears for not accepting the change. With all that we could say that the fear of change and improvement of the socio-economic situation is what prompted many voters in the elections of 2006 to take a decision which eventually led to the catastrophe for their own social position, since it has only benefited a large minority that always makes all along the history of this country. If fear leads to a decision who to support based power, but they have the opportunity to change this situation in an election process, the road is there, without going to that brand of parliamentary cretinism cretinism or seudodemocrático bourgeois. I refer to the masses because they are induced to take a decision knowing that it will be to exacerbate the worst socio-economic status. If the fear factor which induces or have been conditioned not to react to change their behavior when approaching a change of circumstances, for this the inducidores will pave the way for the new show with another image, if possible have to put all the fears of the masses who are accustomed to that set them each time you see what's new or what's best for the change in the situation of the majority of the masses. Now we can concluded that fear is the tool that serves as a vessel for communicating the order to convey to the masses and at the same time fulfill the dual role of regulating the conduct of the masses. As an instrument of transmission of a message carries connotations also as an immediate imperative of pressure. The same linguistic elements will have a different meaning to what would normally see in any dictionary, the meaning is precisely to transform feeling pressure imperative that forces the masses to comply. If you do not obey will have the psychological pressure that insurgents in his masses and the psychological coin is that long and that it will induce them to return and make a peremptory order passed. Guilt as an individual grows when it is separated from the group, I assume that upon joining the group will diminish this feeling, but together they determine the behavior Regressive rioja order to sustain the transmission of the order was imperative that through language . Therefore some mechanisms are created anchors returning to conduct the confirmation and implementation of the behaviors to be transmitted through language. Therefore the explanation of behavior in people who have been found corrupt but that have not lost the popular support in elections of any kind. Examples posts are unclear as to the mental manipulation to achieve political objectives. This should help the religion that gives the body a sacred authority, relegating to the background analysis of the behavior of rulers, on the one hand the socio-cultural environment is available for suggestions on the side of mind also has mechanisms that cause compulsive religious trend and handling becomes more obvious and irreversible non-compliance. So here comes the religious element as a reinforcement to monitor the behavior of the masses and direct it towards the objectives of who holds the gun-handling behavior is as part of it. There are conducting studies of the Rand Corporation, U.S. intelligence agency which is responsible for handling the psychological behavior of masses, their experiments with the creation of different religious sects, especially in the current Christian them this yielding many fruits in South America. Túpac Isaac II - Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com http://sapainkatupacisaacii.blogspot.com http://unespacioparalacritica.blogspot.com http://huamanpuka.blogspot.com

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