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domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

Jaime Bayli and Presidential aspirations

In a recent interview with writer James Bayli a former finance minister of several schemes, both de facto and bourgeois democracy, we have a real vision of what it intends to make the aristocracy Lima, thinking they are losing ground to the events who lives worldwide. The collapse of neo-liberalism has failed to stop their evil mentors, so they are choosing to impose on national governments to manage a kind of fear of what will come. Some of them are so alarming and catastrophic thinking that have sown in the hearts of the majority to the apparent hopelessness Capitalismo application of the death of neo-liberal thinking. And those majorities are emerging that a new dawn begin to build it alone, as many of its leading-edge of yesteryear have retired in their ideas or have leased their enemies. That is the constant that we see almost daily in our country. Despite all the bile that spilled Mr Jaime Bayli is substantial, for subjugate a country other than their own, we are heirs to a multitude of cultures and nationalities dashed their development to the arrival of Iberian and genocidal companions.
Despair aimed at confirming his fear of losing their privileges. This is also what is happening globally, based on those in economic power are the need to overcome this setback. And if we say that a sustained profit is impossible in the long run of results which destabilize the system that contains it. That is what has happened in the U.S. and confirms that the crisis is being developed that will propose new forms of coexistence and even the sacred in the financial system will result in a change of one hundred eighty degrees in their conceptions. Many might think that a return to the outline of socialism; someone discarded?. One can not rule out anything at the precise moment in which the company faces its greatest crisis that calls into question its scheme of organization that could not overcome the imbalances that move with social relations.
Francis Fukuyama one of the gurus of the Rand Corporation predicts the wind behind the death of all the systems opposed to capitalism. Mentioned that the accommodation of all structures of the neo-liberal economic predicaments. He had the audacity to criticize the audacity to be an anti the principles of philosophy and Hegel's dialectic provided by developed by the creators of scientific socialism. Now all eyes have forgotten such predicaments made by him and cast his gaze to the old Carlo Marx. And none so beleaguered by those who should have a degree of academic embarrassment. Because the bulk of the solution of problems that occur in society and humanity, is to solve hunger and life itself. That certainly has heightened the neo-liberalism in extremis that it is impossible for the human race by the greed and selfishness of the human race has to burn food in order to preserve their privileges rather than give them to the millions who die from hunger throughout the world. Now that the doors of poverty touch the doors of ostentaron before all the power, they want to draw all resources and go to the weaker countries, which do not have a political identity and looted everything you can to try to reverse the dire situation. There is the trial balloon launched by Jaime Bayli and Kuzsinski, which was in its full dimension in the interview conducted by fellow Álvaro Vargas Llosa, a group of children from terrible neo liberalism and acolytes of position. Until then the left does not perceive the problem, as always, and will remain in their strategies so wrong, what is now seen as a test balloon, tomorrow will be a reality unobjectionable, the same mistakes by presenting all the progressive sectors. Although we know that electioneering is a mechanism used by the bourgeoisie to make up your system. Now intends to continue such evidence. And their tricks do not know alleged sympathies and dignities as seen in the newly discovered telephone espionage organization composed of colleagues very close to Vice Prime Gampietri, which is brought to light the Petro audios that portrays corruption body nothing inside the ruling party.
As we see the political move, intended to be the master of the Great interest Peruvian bourgeoisie for years ruled the destinies of our multiethnic, whether it is or by thugs who acted as their nominees, as is the case in Toledo Fujimori and others. Now she is preparing to govern, does not believe in conversions as the last moment of Alan García, we followed this one of its most fervent servants like Luis Gampietri the genocide, to which the ruler of the day, gets rid mimes in the Great bourgeoisie is one of the last for the spy and genocidal Luis Cipriani, head of the sect Opus Dei.
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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