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miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2009

burl and corruption


The ruler who is not looking at it from an imminent capsize his boat is not kept and maintained prudent silence. It may be because of two reasons. One that really is a certainty their assertions, or seconds that really has lost the sense of vision that should govern. In principle if we believe we have the absolute truth for too long without stating the change of our perspective, this will still make that deal with reality. I bring this up, some minor incidents in a small province with a lot of luck but unfortunately many vividores and opportunists that are uploaded to any car that will allow them to enjoy the fat profits from their misdeeds committed. In his vain attempt to appear as a local government guarantee and will no longer work for an architect cajole and political deception fraught, as is the Premier's council of ministers. But unfortunately for them, this is already taking a gamble as most of those who had deceived them as they are beardless. But that is not here, who have their promises will be broken shout Olympics, it will prove that his was only a slim victory over horseplay circus that has become this republic. The entire system of government is making a mockery of the people as if we were idiots, it is in its very words that poured into his speeches. With regard to the ruling party is sinking every day into the most horrible stench, all sums corruption at the highest level. Everything he touches turns into more corruption and seeking to hide this gushes on all four sides. What happened in Trujillo is the height of impudence and also the support of the anarchist trade union composed of the hosts of huaynalaya, without direction or guidance ideological magic makes his mind gives them. Which will ultimately involve a breakdown in the right direction to be taken by the trade union movement, despite working against the movement of the Patria Roja, which became a powerful union in a skeleton that is pure mirage Drowning in the mountains of Peruvian politics.

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