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domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Calls for the National Police to arrest the criminals

Population Cachicadan calls for the National Police to arrest the criminals ...

Since 10 am on day 14 of January of this year, Victor Vallejos unknown Tinoco Rondero an alleged leader in charge of criminals hired guns fitted with long range that we know are only fired at close range military leaders Front to defend the interests and Ronderos Cachicadan district bases. Inside the mob of criminals was to identify workers of the district council staff of Mayor Pedro intimate setting Casamayor Dinner recognizing the following individuals: Serafin Rodriguez Zavala, Llajamango Edilberto Rodriguez and Luis Garcia and Garcia Wilder.

One of the injured at the time of this press release is the Chairman of defense against the interests of Mr. Hipólito Skilled Cachicadan Quispe, with two bullets caliber gunshot, not knowing when their health status guarded prognosis according to the hospital's medical board found Cesar Vallejos an hour the place of the events. People baffled by the incident called authorities to report alleged criminally responsible as District Mayor.

The City is calling on the National Police to arrest the criminals who have tried to create unrest and chaos in the quiet resort Andes.
It is noteworthy that only the leader of the Front to defend the interest of the district of Cachicadan denounced a series of acts of corruption by the Lord Mayor District, occurred the attempt on his life not go on in front of the allegations for corruption and revocation of this authority that deserve the rejection of the entire population.

ID No. 07219680.
Central Union of Rural
OF PROV. Santiago de Chuco.


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