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martes, 5 de julio de 2011

The JUSTICE is biased, through the injustice, in the Constitutional Court of the APRA party

The JUSTICE is biased, through the injustice, in the Constitutional Court of the APRA party

For very many political prisoners in Peru's prisons suffer the most painful conditions of confinement, such as being taken at midnight from their enclosures and be placed in the freezing cold and cemented areas of the callers patios and subjected to the cruelest torture by a famous military name Cajahuanca.

Forced to point caned on their backs to adjure their convictions and to eat animal feces with hot water, which resulted in the death of many of them and this without any medical attention. Many of them resisted such humiliation, persisting in defending what they believe to be true.

But these abuses are not there, then imprisoned in cellular systems of two meters by two meters, four prisoners stuck in them, without seeing daylight, no more than one day a week, Guantanamo by the Americans is only one garden of roses, what to see the food once a day, without any reading.

Cajahuanca The military was never prosecuted for any authority for crimes against humanity, with a sheet of clean living, was decorated and is alive and well, that's the irony of the Peruvian justice system, including the pardons of many government officials Fujimori's dictatorial offenders who have been forgiven his debt, supposedly humanitarian pardon. Here I refer to many brothers behind bars who courageously endured the humiliation of this illegal law who died in the same cell where they came to seek the freedom of a country that was never born.

There are three more I want to remember, because they are the most stark and where you see the insanity of our guards and those who give pardon for the real murderers of our society. Just name them, like a say the names I gave.

One was a lawyer, an old man, versed in many battles against injustice in our society, who defended hundreds of workers laid off by employers and men who sought freedom, almost without asking anything in return, his work for him was like a religion and its apostolate. He lived for the protection of his workers, his Indians were his brothers and his brothers in arms. And never charge for their services, many times I saw him eating in the truck counting their pennies, many of them approaching me and I invited him, as we advised our newly formed union at that time. As well as giving inn saw the mothers of many detainees at home and in your office, I never knew how it is financed. He walked very quickly and trying not to spend much more their already worn shoes, which I think were born with them, because even in prison I saw the same shoes and they died. The same suit patched so many times, when I met him with the same die on the cold cell where injustice confined him.

In the year of his death, his constant infirmity made her bed and put themselves on sunny days could not walk, freedom from suffering and death true cost of many brothers with whom I boot the system is on the complaints International jail terms subhuman conditions, and still ongoing. Only a tiny percentage have improved, but they follow.

At such times he struggled with the system so that the lawyer brother was assisted by the health system, was never allowed to have any specialized care, only the topic of the prison, that all he gave, as a joke we told The miracle, if not the panadol, aspirin was likely to improve all diseases. Him in a campaign conducted by the International Red Cross. He always struggled to find counsel to be treated at a hospital who can regulate their illness. It was all in vain. That is the Peruvian judicial system.

Now let's see how the Peruvian judicial system is campaigning for the genocidal sentenced to gain freedom despite not even redeemed or ten percent of his sentence to which the same court has sentenced, but rather the system Peruvian court awarding it is a comfort in his imprisonment. If we speak of equality, all prisoners should treat them equally. If not, why the prisoners rose in rebellion many of them have already died in the dungeons of the concentration camps of this system. Because Mr. Fujimori, is a prelude to his cell, that cell seems, if not the room five star hotel great, then if we talk about equality for all regardless of social or ethnic status, you can afford many amenities such criminal and political prisoners imprisoned in the dungeons are calling not criminal.
So where is the equality, no equality.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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