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martes, 7 de junio de 2011


Let the SOL in from Arianne Sved on Vimeo.


Youth in various countries have come to protest the regimes that promote profit, usury and the exploitation of man by man. But the amazing thing is they do not question the system, which is what generates the things in this situation.
And we must ask why young people did not question what the origin and cause of this society is maintained at the crossroads and continue to maintain order as unjust, as their struggles are directed only against the men who implement a state wrong things, they are just pawns used by the system. System that is run by a great international bourgeoisie to continue managing the destiny of the world. The concentration of the economy in a few hands is the purpose of this class globally.

She has no country, so their boundaries are not defined and you can never rely on any corrupt government to defend its interests and when that no longer serve immediately go to another that offers better facilities for holding, but neither should forget having a policeman who watches his interest and offers the largest army in the world. If some could be successful, I mean the U.S. government, that does not matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in control of government has always defended the interests of the great world bourgeoisie against any hint of wanting to blunt the interests of those who rule the world.

Here is the main problem are not young people who rebel in the world who the real masters of the world laugh in a kind of catharsis young people are indignant at such disgrace, plunder of poor countries and exploitation is nothing more than the enslavement of the masses of the world to live well the small circle of those who rule the world, the little club bilderberg. So named because it is the select club that directs the destinies of mankind, that's an assumption, because all they see is their selfish individual interests, not caring about the world or fate.

But young people do not realize it, that have arisen from all the brainwashing that the media were demonizing any rebellion in any part of the world interested in defending their nation, not the gentlemen's club bilderberg, as is done now, since the outrage over a more representative democracy not as the system will change radically, and how they do that? It will be impossible with the intemperate voices, for more angry they are. As the empire, faithful guardian of the Bilderberg, not only in many years or centuries of domination has learned from its mistakes. Then as the Far Right has castrated the ideologically accept everything they propose as a solution, which of course only be a tremendous makeup to gild the pill to be taken of young Spanish people and the world, as they did in Egypt and Morocco .

Look to the right-wing extremism in defense of their interests, when the words do not fit, all you do is get the ball, they did in Iraq, they did and are doing in Afghanistan, and in all countries where it is jeopardize the interests of the members of the Bilderberg, for it has its sheriff, who is none other than United States so long as the protest of the indignant look no change and only bark, and then come to enlist in the system as a faithful dog, there will be no intervention by the system that are well versed in doing what they want, be outraged now part of the catharsis that the system needs and then go full speed and after having spent all wax cease to shine on and off until another time when the world once again become slaves to need some untied the rope on the neck permanently.

We have seen how excited the youth to their claims and as it spreads around the world, but until they arrive there, has no future, as are the spring of catharsis for the rule continue to dominate the world. Catharsis in which dominate the world they say, do your tantrum, total, in the end I continue to govern, they do believe they are rebelling, but it is not true because not mastered anything.

And why I say this?. First, its protest does not have a defined ideology, without any strategy to take power, it has no purpose and will not come to any port. Secondly, as no one objective which is to take power, but seek to change the actors who serve the system model, these will be changed and say: we did what we wanted, so still and there estense end their protest thus give an image to the subsequent generation to rebel against the system does not pay, because the system is in charge.

This happened with previous generations, many of them became revisionists and all they did is to accommodate the system. What was your excuse for ever? There are no conditions for making revolution. And those who wore the pants to do so, labeled them as adventurers, children, but they never risked anything, and so continued his life and now he comes out with this, for Spain is that the Spanish Left has fallen shamefully, because never, after the republic, has been able to articulate a mass movement and are only and are young, some old men who only live for his years of flowers.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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