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martes, 31 de mayo de 2011



Something similar happened in the city of Stockholm is happening to the Peruvian left several years ago, we referred to in the 70's when a band of robbers entered a bank and to assault her after the release of hostages after kidnapping them several days, we refer to the hostages, was observed very irrational behaviors such as appreciation and gratitude to their captors.

From the perspective of psychology, the syndrome which cross the former hostages are typical emotional responses that occur in response to the vulnerability and helplessness that has a hostage after their release. The identification of the kidnapped and the kidnapper is shown identifying the moral and behavioral characteristics of the hijacked hijacker. Some psychologists refer to the flow of affection between the two actors is when the hostage is held against his will. But we could pick up a variant of Stockholm Syndrome as there are people who volunteer to be hostages. Some might be thought of as crazy, which makes such action. But there and we will demonstrate consistently with the thread of the story from the beginning of the struggle of progressive forces, the surrender of many of them later to be the caboose of the reactionary forces and supporters of the old system.

Just as psychology is a disease we can say that policy is a behavioral patosiopolitica some pseudo-revolutionary, which has to be two conditions in analogy to the field of psychology: first, that the person has taken unconsciously, a remarkable identification in attitudes, behaviors, or ways of thinking of the captors, almost as their own and Second: That the initial expressions of thanks and appreciation are extended over time, even when the person is already integrated into their normal routines and have internalized the end of captivity. But that's in psychology, I might add that there is a third element that is important and is the setting of the Peruvian left for being related to the extreme right in a relationship of domination and abuse abusive toward them, this is not recent and continues on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the relationship between left and right, just have the argument that this relationship holds in haras of democracy.

But the Peruvian left talks about democracy. But his authoritarian positions attached to confirm their presence and recognition of regimes that have done the opposite to democracy paradigm of Athenian democracy and those who disagree with them are branded with an infinite number of adjectives that contrast the more is its commitment to the old capitalist system, which certainly does not advocate a democratic system if not for the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie to dominate other classes. You could say that are the old thesis of Marx, whether the old thesis of Marx that remain in force and the old Marx unwittingly, every day more remain in force. For as Socrates, all right-wing intellectuals now embedded with economic liberalism. Here you have to say that economic liberalism or neo liberalism is trying to bypass the pole and try to save to history and to history, which is not consistent because the economy is a historical science assistant and not vice versa, no has the status of generalizing social sciences or the cultural politics of human behavior that makes history. But it has a purpose which is to justify the position of capitalism with its economic liberalism across the globe put their thirst for universal domination. Therefore, as our old left ideology and can not develop some adventurers just developed a poor ideological enlightenment became in pathology, which is totally contrary to Marx's view on things.

Now under the present circumstances where the Right is divided by the perks, one that is more extreme, with a comparable position with the fascist Spanish Falange and one that is currently represented by a descendant of landlordism, but that is patriotic very opposite of what the other is stateless. Here a right has been able to attract those who say they left but they are nothing more than mere mercenaries who preach so much, now let him or also as I say, either be inside the system managed by the old dinosaurs right now they are being identified with them, even now in their internal struggle.

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