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domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Way to school

Way to school

Hardly distinguishable from sunrise horizon, but the cold grew worse by the altitude in the small living Condori Jasmine. Her house was made of straw and the grandmother was coughing all night because that night was still one of the coldest nights that was present in the month of March in the community hospital, they lived on the far side. I had to get up very early, as the grandmother who raised him that he had to learn to read and write. She lost her father and mother.

His father had died in prison on charges of belonging to the rebels and breast cancer each week fell to Trujillo to visit, but when I moved to Lima, he could not do it and she was crying because they can not see it and died for not having eat, there was his Lorenzo was that the farm raised with much love, but were thrown out of their previous farms by the mining company a few gringos and had to ask for a little farm where the brothers of the hospital. Lorenzo brothers stood up to stop them off their land, but were taken prisoners by the police.

Mary and her mother, who was his grandmother traveled with Lorenzo to ask not arrested because they had only defended their lands, from which stripped the gringos, dial to extract gold and bring more jobs and wealth for communities of Callacuyan, but it was not and Lorenzo had to go to jail. Already in Prison only had half an hour of yard and every day locked in a cell measuring two meters by two, where did their needs and slept and only gave them one meal consisting of a pot of water with some potatoes, that was all their food.

Jasmine remembered his father very thin, his hands and appeared to his bones and so caressed and wept with her mother and the baby. Just remember the tears of his father and then told he had died of tuberculosis, they did not know was, but assumed that it was bad. Then her mother fell ill and died leaving them alone, they had to return to the community.

He missed his mother and more to your Father, who always carried her in his arms to see the sun rise on the APU Shulcahuanca, who made their pagapus every time you prepared the land for planting. Sometimes danced in the fields when the corn was in flower or the potato and sighted her flowers, everyone danced and drank chicha was done to celebrate the buses of the farms. That reminded.

But remember when he said goodbye to his father in jail in the other fellow he said goodbye and told him to have strength, Tata Wilka not forsake and first saw the son of the Condor and Tata Wilka. She looked more beautiful than the Indian had seen, all high, much more than his father, was very thin, the color of his skin glowed and her head was the largest and big hair and black, distinguished by mole she had on her upper lip and lenses. Everyone said he would release them, they could not keep him longer mistis, although several times he lay traps to kill him. Everyone respected him, because his people had fought to keep them off their land, he did not, had given all his brothers from different communities, wanting to be free, they heard that. All I cared for and sought his advice, but he also brought, but was protected by other brothers. Mistis came to kill some who defended him to mistreat him, but it broke his head and blood was shed for the corridors of the prison and the brothers are anointed with it, according to them so that his spirit was not mistis trampled by traitors and the brothers had beaten him.

Their memories are crowded in their little nine years, but had to get up and walk and run their two hours to school, that would be their first day of school. It was where the bag, where they kept their bread and corn field, to go eating on the road, and completed with breakfast down at the school. She put on her skirt and his mob, all in a hurry, not wanting to be late and ran, only told the grandmother, "I'm breast Tota," she replied, "you join our achachilas apus and my daughter." And ran out, could see the alpacas eating your lawn in the company of sheep grazing when she left school.

Since coming to school, many Indians saw older brothers gathered around someone, other buses were around at school and older children, could not tell because they were gathered. So he hurried his side that went through more running and said, brother's son Condor Sapa Wilka Tata has come to stay in the community, wants to keep fighting the Americans that we are taking our land.

She also went after the largest and was busy with his heart beating a thousand, wanted to see him again after four years as shall be agreed to it, he wondered to himself. Came and stood before pushing all heard the brother who spoke the traitors mayors who would not declare intangible the lakes from which water was supplied every community, that other brothers had sold the mine to continue exploiting and congratulating them for not having allowed the road to encircle Shulcahuanca apu, but it was necessary that do not end with the green lagoons, or the Laguna del Toro, otherwise you will end the water for communities and it turned his gaze and saw her laying her eyes on her.

He went to her and picked her up, as when he was imprisoned and mentioned to everyone that she was the daughter of a folk hero Huamanchucos, who had died defending their land and culture of their ancestors, who always opposed to mistis bring their unhealthy habits that brutalize the natives, who no longer want to chew coca, nor do their apus pagapus and achachilas. That respects the memory of Brother Lorenzo, and although now and mistis gringos want his death, he will fight to death for his people, his brothers, for their land so they can continue living.

All listened in silence, lowered his arms and gave her some coins and said, "Go buy yourself something small. Greet Breast and Tota and tell him you will visit." She left him with joy, all looked on with respect, children with envy, as the condor's son had taken up arms. She ran to the dairy farm of India Miriam to buy what they both liked their biscuits ern Chancay. His spirit had a new hope.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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