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sábado, 17 de julio de 2010


We can see it in action with all his party colleagues, who take as true to the conventions dictated by capitalist society with its neoliberal model, notably authoritarian submission to the dictates that make Alan Garcia and is not criticized none of its followers.

We say they can not justify the trampling of fundamental rights of every human person, such as life and free expression, which are now kept under distress in full force, and many episodes that have tried or exercising Abuse its authority to maintain its many abuses shade to freedom of expression, as for example the closure of several stations in the provinces, by the mere fact of being rebellious to his regime. This is what Theodor Adorno conceptualized as authoritarian aggression, which also can be seen on the criminalization of social protests in the attack on former political prisoners and aggressive crackdown on fundamental rights of the human person, regardless of the side human, if not punished, otherwise everything nice and personal with the imbalance which would be in the lack of insight into their actions, reflection of themselves. Go on with your thinking of rigid categories and are not interchangeable, the APRA party destination and the same Alan Garcia as predestined to be the saviors of Peru, despite all evidence to the contrary. His rough handling of power toward the general population, which is expressed in the endless propaganda spread by the media addicted to his regime and to put through as a sinecure avisaje commercial.

Another feature is its cynicism clearer so obvious to their outrages, as happened with the consideration of appointing teachers, where their co-religionists, many of them without intellectual merit, or even curricula, are named for which we all and logistics elements for such unlawful purposes and the agreement of many directors and corrupted by APRA attache. All of which he projects that if no one agrees with his assessment, is that it is against the whole system and against society itself. The sycophancy of his followers is another of the fascist personality characteristics.

We say that Mr Alan Garcia has very definite characteristics, for which trends can be considered as strong a personality to be a fascist, I argue for its strong ethnocentrism which emerge with regard to indigenous peoples and peasants as people walk backward and unintelligent, while this consideration is re-affirm the political persecution through the ministry of education that makes the former political prisoners. Treating them as objects of their anger and hatred for daring to question society and disrupt the status quo, or it could define the above terms of submission to the social convention that Theodor Adorno pointed out in its definition of authoritarian personalities.
They do not enter logic, and if they want to refer to it as a tool for validation of their position, their arguments are so simplistic easy folding, but which uses sentimentality to feel supported in their statements, such as are done to affirm the nomination of Ms. Keiko Fujimori. I think in essence that the two positions are supported because they need each other to assert its validation in the social consciousness, allowing them to circumvent the electoral campaign and that is where all political organizations, including the opposition have not able to differentiate and put in cars so that people can discriminate the fascist behavior all they do is create a much more acute to repeat one of the bloodiest I happen to be living in the past century of civil war. But we believe that they too are infected with this spirit behaves fascist personality Alan Garcia and his party, so do not expect the opposition to do something to improve the social, political landscape in our country.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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