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martes, 13 de julio de 2010



The inability to solve the acute problems of Peruvian society and hiding their commitment to the insatiable transnational corporations that are willing to plunder our natural resources with the complicity of the entire political class of our country makes in a clumsy, with the tantrum as which is thought to mask the liver, is what makes them be implementing measures that violate all human rights enshrined in the statement after the French Revolution. Although it is no accident of this type of behavior in government, so much so that the implementation of their death squads, which tested killing common criminals, is a hall that used to do with leaders who do not undergo to its dictates.

These tactics and strategy being implemented, are looking for a pretext to consolidate a fascist state in order to have open letter to hand the country over to the voracity of the friends of the north. You begin to feel its effects, such as the supply of gas, and we delivered, as could also say the gift of our resources to northern countries, the domestic market shortages. The energy and mines minister has tried to lie to the nonsense trying to justify the more evident that the government was doing. For now this shortage is already being felt in the capital of the republic and probably try to weather the storm, but I see impossible without exposing its dealings under the table they were doing and more this government.

We wonder: Why the demonization of those with opposing views and different? Can not meet the sake of free thought and free expression. If they say to defend their democracy, ie they represent. So why are not scrupulous in respecting the freedoms or are considering such as the northern neighbor that sent murder their own countrymen and destroy signs of wealth, only to have a pretext to make war on the world and plunder the wealth of the countries that are different from them. Their need to control their appetites prevail obvious and then discovered his deceptions and lies.

A clear example is the war that broke out against the brotherly country of Iraq, under the usual pretext that Saddam Hussein had biological weapons. What they did the Americans?. Perhaps not to submit to their whims and destroy this country to make oil handling their businesses. In saying that their business is an understatement, because big business has no borders, no country. All we know is that it is a policeman who takes care of their interests. Subsequently, Mr. Bush seemed to him to make war on the Muslim peoples who are in northern Southeast Asia, rich in strategic minerals for nuclear war and what he did?. First to foist these people who were a threat to world peace, the law did adjetivización to the struggles of liberation decried as terrorism and declaring that they were a danger to peace, these same arguments with no logical sense being used in laws of many countries in order to discredit the protests against government abuses.

To this tranche destruction and murder of his own fellow citizens, that's what happened at the Trade Center in New York, which put his side to public opinion in your country to make their desires warmongers. Mercilessly attacked the Afghan people. There are already thousands and thousands of civilian casualties, only in order to maintain power in that part of the east.

These same measures are taking the Lord Alan Garcia and his followers, with the chorus of singers followers genuflectioned a Congress full of defectors or rather agreed and opportunists who are only seeking economic returns but not the real interests of those claim to represent.
Therefore, we have no hope to come more repression and disappearance of free thinkers, and so the social activists who will be missing from their death squads are already preparing to disappear petty criminals. So we are warned.

Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui.
Tupac Isaac II

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