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miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009


FATE OF MAYORS Santiago de Chuco

A mayor who has no vision for their community development is what is Mr. Abner Avalos. We as an example the construction of a terminal in an area of marshes, which has been gradually destroyed, long before its opening. Has been constructed without taking into account the zoning and the future growth of the people, nor in planning ways to prevent more fluid movement of land transport. Sections of the main points of confluence of the sense of movement and motion, than it is improvising exits and entrances for entering the terminal and saw the completion of the work suffers from the wall of a work for appropriate weather conditions in the area. In some areas you can see the flaws in structure due to subsidence or soil stabilization. We have been aware that all comments submitted to date, the contractor has not lifted until the date the municipality has not deigned to face legal route. Another pearl in addition to the above is the cobbled square of stone masonry, without presenting any project sustainability; here is blatant complicity of the aldermen of all the banks that have opted for the more silence crude, according to comments from them are overvalued costs, not as mentioned by several people who wanted their names omitted by the reprisals that are committing some pseudo leaders known as the brothers Cahuide Hilda Zavala, who serve as employees of the commune like a square without a teacher who earns money as a teacher in the state and placed off work as a social community of the municipality. Apart from other irregularities our community as the most backward in the region, with no horizon or goal to reach for the pursuit of their development. It is no coincidence due to the improvisation of the authorities elected from one party to the present with the exception of the great Maestro Manuel Saavedra Geldres incarnation, that of Don Victor Manuel Pinillos Monteverde, who proved beyond the human quality of unselfish service to his community, a vision to the people that were born and I say in reference to where they were born, because there have been many mayors, but many of them, now run by his daughters and wife and godchild, or the illiterate illiterate quota regional advisor to the misfortune of playing in our province, or mayors who came to the fore in a bad form of auxiliary mayors, without knowing what can be likened to a future development and for my people, unless they are Huayatan or Sitabamba, yet the province is the province and then directs the destiny of a people and not the personal property. The last is the famous pearl road Shorey Santiago de Chuco, the largest in the mockery that has undergone the

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