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jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

EXTREME lumpenisation of the Peruvian bourgeoisie.

EXTREME lumpenisation of the Peruvian bourgeoisie.

As we have come to be spectators of what happens in Mexican society. The factors and the same events are taking place in Peruvian society, as a corollary same cancerization of capitalism in its imperialist phase. Mexican society shelter and gave great facilities for the lumpenisation of their society was to head the political destinies of it.

With the emergence of the large cartels that mobilized enormous amounts of drugs, which require financial organizations to wash and legalize illegal assets from such business, its financial system which lent itself to such actions. The organized crime and assault on the bourgeois control of Mexican society, which was accepted by the great Mexican bourgeoisie, as usufruct benefits that this union brings. Costs has happened is that one of the side effects come from the middle and lower strata of the lumpen which like its partners and employees of the big bourgeoisie has enriched them as well. The problem becomes that they also want to benefit from these grants belong to a new social status even though the Great Mexican bourgeoisie will not infer such a condition. For the overnight come to light their cattle millionaires bank deposits and its many businesses around the world, precisely that money laundering which are induced by drug trafficking.
Currently as low-and middle sectors of the Mexican lumpens want to be like those who led them to drug trafficking. Because they are not accepted by Great Mexican bourgeoisie. Rather, use of the army to his service have been terminated the relationship between Mexico and the big bourgeoisie middle sector of offenders who were previously at your service. What has led to these give an answer to this situation, especially the betrayal of his former associates, who shared the political and economic power. So much so that a good majority of presidential candidates agreed and received funds from drug trafficking to win elections.
But these have a history or precedent as an example what happened in Colombia, where drug trafficking and has had to present its tentacles into the local political society. The difference between Mexico and Colombia, is that in Mexico the politicians who belong to the great Mexican bourgeoisie want to give their former partners, the opposite of Colombians who live with this scourge and even we can say that the country of Colombia drug trafficking is the ruling. To try to make up their alliance, blamed the guerrillas release. That is the tactic, for two reasons, one: to legitimize their alliance with drug trafficking and secondly to disqualify political enemy is constituted as a belligerent force.

In Peru, we see the same signs. More example of the release of the drug trafficker Valdez, former mayor of Pucallpa, which again has been welcomed and blessed to re-election as a candidate for mayor. The other example and others is much more shocking, seeing in advance the power exercised by the drug trade in Peruvian society in the procurement actions under or with the kindness with which they are treated. For example in many drug cases, and defendants involved are arrested and seized their property, just to smuggle a few grams of drugs, drug barons, however, as Luis Valdez Villacorta, are treated with kid gloves with releases

or the same drug with the Sanchez Paredes clan who have given not only attendance and seized him any good. It is well known relations of this family that promotes drug candidates such as the province where appropriate, I refer to Santiago de Chuco. So I think we walk now and be sure that we are in the Colombian Mexicanization by the great Peruvian bourgeoisie, especially the financial and whitens receiving dividends from the big business that harms mankind.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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